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From: Guest7/26/06 12:05 AM 
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Dear all Nauruans,

You may have heard by now, well Hon. Kieren Keke have made the headlines again, in Suva he bashed up to young Nauru trainee nurses, because they did not want to tell him where her little girlfriend was (also another trainee nurse).

The two nurses suffered greatly with a swollen up jaw, hip and a black eye.  Apparently the two nurses went to the Nauru Consulate office to report the incident, but were threatened by the office that they will loose their scholarship, well I cannot blame the office, it was Kieren's parents who work there, that made the threat.

This kind of things keeps crawling up, before it was Fabian Ribauw, dragged a  police officer in a car for 100metres.  Now this....  And yet the poor little Nauruans still forgive and forget, once the politicians fall down to their knees.

My Poor People, when will we learn to stand up for our right???  

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From: kavaluva8/5/06 7:03 AM 
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Is that what the rumours say? Was there any evidence or formal charges laid? If not, why not? I am by no means a supporter of KK but I just wish the public of our island supports before judging. That is all I've heard since they came to power. Complaints but no solutions. Judgement but no word or action of support, not even an effort to understand how things really are. But on the other hand, the government really isn't doing itself any favours by falling out of public opinion either. They must work on winning the support of the public otherwise they will all crash out in the next elections, a new government voted in, and the whole stupid vicious cycles starts again!!!! Every time we do this, we fall deeper and deeper into the hole we dug for ourselves.

From: Machopower8/25/06 5:27 AM 
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Thats a very sad and abusive way by a Minister of State. The Minister for Health should voluntarily resign from Politics if the President and Cabinet or even the MP majority do not do so. How can the President condone such abuse and bullying within his Cabinet. This should be raised to International Support Groups about the way Ministers and MPs are doing - especially to vulnerable individuals.

Maybe I can raise the  incident  to Media Groups in NZ and Aus such as Current Affairs programs. I'll see what I can do but pls I need more detailed information like :

1) The incident itself - date, time and how it occurred. Who were the unfortunate victims ( age )?

2) Whom did they report to in Fiji? How did the Consulate Office respond other than what you have said? Did they made a Statement or even doctors report?

3) Are they lodging criminal actions in Nauru? Or Fiji if thats the case against the Minister?


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