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Call from a scammer   Discussions

Started 11/1/15 by worlogha; 1398 views.
Lana (Redneckbab1)

From: Lana (Redneckbab1)


Phone threats are another way scammers try to trick you at tax time. Last year there were reports of criminals calling people in Canada pretending to be from the Canada Revenue Agency, asking them to pay taxes on prepaid credit cards or by Bitcoin. There were also email demands. Remember, the CRA will not ask for personal information by email, or phone you and ask for personal information.

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Lana (Redneckbab1)

From: Lana (Redneckbab1)


Cyber Security Today – Income tax, data breach refund and phone scams revealed.

Income tax, data breach refund and phone scams revealed.

Welcome to Cyber Security Today. It’s Monday January 20th. I’m Howard Solomon, contributing reporter on cyber security for

Around this time of year people in Canada and the U.S. are thinking about filing their income taxes to get refunds. Meanwhile criminals are thinking about how to exploit the expectation of getting T4 or W2 slips from employers. An email security company called AppRiver says scammers have already started sending email to people in the U.S. pretending to be from the payroll provider ADP. Click on the link, it says, and you’ll be taken to an ADP web page where you can login and get your tax documents. Actually, it’s a fake page for capturing usernames and passwords. That gives the criminal access to personal information of ADP customers. It also may allow them to divert tax refunds. So if you get an email like this, ignore it. The only way to safely log into sites is by going there directly yourself and not by clicking on a link in a message.

Howard Solomon   Published: January 20th, 2020
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I get them in my car.

I get them from afar.

I get it. I get them.