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The NER is a group of motorcyclists that self organize in this forum and a Facebook Group to ride and have fun with other riders. We are an inclusive group - all motorcycle brands are welcome. It is not a club – no dues, membership, or officers.

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Riding in Vermont    General Topics

Started 8/12/19 by BeeBee (billbrown143); 649 views.
BeeBee (billbrown143)

From: BeeBee (billbrown143)


Y’know, you folks like to ride in Vermont and I live in a beautiful place (Grafton) in southern Vermont. I’m always hoping for visits from my riding NER friends. So it seems like a no- brainer for you all to stop by once in awhile. I get a little lonely sometimes up here ‘cause I live alone and there’s no one to ride these wonderful Vermont roads with. So get it together folks and stop by !!

OLRON (VN1600)

From: OLRON (VN1600)


I would love to Bill, but  I don't travel far from home anymore. do you still have the radial arm saw you got from me?


BeeBee (billbrown143)

From: BeeBee (billbrown143)


Sure do Ron and use it often. Still can’t thank you enough !!  If I get over that way i’ll stop by. Be well my friend !

OLRON (VN1600)

From: OLRON (VN1600)


Good. Glad to have you.

I think I still have an attachment for that saw. It will fit in a saddle bag, too.    Ron


From: Sammie457


Hi. I’m a VT-er recently moved to MA to help with grandchildren. Saturday met a VT biker friend in Sprngfld Vt and roamed some NH roads up to Sunapee. Last month we went up Mt Equinox. And I finally rode Rt 100 south of Wilmington. Maybe we can ride together.


From: greenmtboy


Hi Bill, e-mail me a street address or better yet GPS cordinates & I'll try to stop by towards end of Sept.  I'll be in NY next week & Maine following week but after that I'll be riding locally. always looking for excuse to ride somewhere. Don Allen Springfield Vt. (

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