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New to NER   Introductions

Started Dec-11 by boblenis; 397 views.

From: boblenis


Hello all.

My name is Bruce and I live in Nova Scotia Canada. I ride a 2005 GL1800A and absolutely love this bike. Wait I have loved every bike I have had. Started in a 450 Honda wayyyyyy back in my teens, stopped riding while the kids where growing up and about 10 years ago caught the bug again. Had a Honda 750 Nighthawk, GL1100, GL1200 and now the GL1800. Yeah I like Honda's. 

I do most of my riding in the Maritime Provinces,  but I am Planning to head to the US next summer and do the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Dragons tail, Shenandoah parkway. I have not done Mt. Washington yet but why not do that too. I prefer to camp and I do haul a small trailer with my camping gear in it when I go on longer trips.  Anyway that is a little about me


From: jimmcp


Welcome from Brantford Ontario Canada. I really like riding N.S. Maybe see ya soon somewhere on the road.


From: Bobmeinet



most of the activity that used to be here has moved to the NER Facebook group:


From: roadcapt12


Don't even try to pull your trailer up to Mt Washington!! that road is not for the faint of heart, we rode to the top during Laconia.

The day prior to our trip up to the top, 2 women froze to death!! 3" of Ice up there in June, be ready for anything.

The road is mostly paved, part of it is packed gravel, no guard rails, you need to stay focused!!! this road is no joke..

not trying to scare you, just a warning...

Cammy (RoadKingRon)

From: Cammy (RoadKingRon)


All reports that I have been able to find state that the woman suffered a medical emergency and did not define cause of death.  I doubt she froze.  The 2nd person was an 80 year old suffering from hypothermia who was taken to a hospital and recovered.



From: roadcapt12


We were on the Mtn the following day & the report I recv'd from the people who work on the cog rail told me that the women died??( mother & daughter)

thats all I can tell you, + it was on the news..

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Breezly (smbjm)

From: Breezly (smbjm)


Let's not be overly dramatic.  63yo and an 80yo hiking up Mt Washington hardly compare to folks going up the auto road. Yes it can be cold at the summit, even in June, but they close the road to motorcycles when it's bad.

 Bruce, you can drop your trailer in the parking lot at the base. Be prepared with warm clothes and enjoy your ride. It is well worth experiencing if you are in the area.


From: roadcapt12


The Mtn was closed @ 1:pm  to all workers & visitors the day of the storm, everyone up there came down down on the Cog Rail..

3" of ice was on the Mtn & it was 18*..


From: PuckerNoMore


Welcome. I hope to get up your way next season. How's September for riding up there? 



From: boblenis


Thanks for the information