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The NER is a group of motorcyclists that self organize in this forum and a Facebook Group to ride and have fun with other riders. We are an inclusive group - all motorcycle brands are welcome. It is not a club – no dues, membership, or officers.

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Where's everybody go?   General Topics

Started 7/26/20 by DoubleCutter; 812 views.

From: ParrotheadSteve


Hey Cliff.

congratulations on the new to you Goldwing. Looking to bumper to a Wing or a Yamaha Venture when I trade up from my 650 V Star.

Yes most all of the activity is now on the Facebook page. My recommendation is even if you’re not gonna use Facebook for much of anything else (which seems pretty wise these days), get your own login so you can participate in the group as yourself. The group has grown greatly and there’s Much more  going on in the last four years since I joined NER. All of it found over there.

Keep both wheels down,



From: DoubleCutter


Thanks, Steve. I used my wife Brenda’s fb account to join the NER  Facebook page, and a couple of days later she said, “All these people are welcoming me, and i don’t know why!”  I quit Facebook six years ago because I found it both toxic and addictive, and life's been better without it. I’ll bookmark the site and follow-along there as best i can, and I’ll check-in occasionally on Facebook with Brenda's iPad. Marketplace is fantastic, I have to admit, so I’m not totally anti-Facebook. 

I love the goldwing, although it was a big step up from the 1100 Shadow Spirit that i rode for seventeen years. I’m 5’8”, 150 lbs, and (somehow) 60 years old. I found the wing to be too big when it came to slow turns and simply maneuvering it in parking situations. But through practice and perseverance and YouTube tutorials, I’m growing more comfortable with it. Hopefully I’ll make it back to New England this year.  It’s been over ten years since i was up there with the Shadow. Divorce complicated my life for about a decade, but it’s settling down, finally. 

Thanks for the reply. 


From: ParrotheadSteve


Totally understand. I have an interesting paradox. I help companies use social media and digital channels for better customer experience - especially for customer service - but I too have cut down my FB time, mostly participating in a few of the groups I belong to and blocking or unfriending people spewing toxic BS. 

My wife and I are both close to 6', so size shouldn't be an issue, but yes slow tight turns & parking can be a challenge. If I do go to a bigger bike, definitely getting one w/ reverse. I can push my 650 V Star around easily.. that won't be the case w/ a Wing or Venture!

Keep both down, and ping if you make it back up this way!

OLRON (VN1600)

From: OLRON (VN1600)


Glad to see you guys in here. I qut riding in 2008, so you probably don't know me. I have stayed semi active in here and it is very rare that I get on facebook. I am one of the original NERd's. Have a great time riding. Let me know when you decide to ride to Maine. I'm west of Portland in Standish. Check out message 1.1 & 1.2. Ron


From: PuckerNoMore


Hey Cliff. I remember you from this forum. I was on here all the time. Sad that this forum is gone. I bought a GOLDWING also. Last year I flew out to TX picked up a 2007 with 8968 miles on it. Rode it to Phoenix, picked up my wife at the airport and toured Utah for a week then rode it home to NH. Fantastic machine. Good luck with yours. Good to see you're still kicking. 

Easy Ed (epconde)

From: Easy Ed (epconde)


This forum is not gone. Folks simply stopped posting to it. It is wide open if folks wish to post.



From: PuckerNoMore


I stand corrected Ed. Couldn't post if it was gone. Hope you and Deb are well. Followed your recent trip. Looked like a great ride. I'll be riding some of those roads coming up.
Be well
OLRON (VN1600)

From: OLRON (VN1600)


I check in here almost everyday. Haven't done so for the last 3 days though as the last of my 3 brothers passed away last Saturday.



From: Bobmeinet


Sorry for the loss of your brothers.

OLRON (VN1600)

From: OLRON (VN1600)


Thanks Bob, I appreciate the thoughts. Ron