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The NER is a group of motorcyclists that self organize in this forum and a Facebook Group to ride and have fun with other riders. We are an inclusive group - all motorcycle brands are welcome. It is not a club – no dues, membership, or officers.

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Where's everybody go?   General Topics

Started Jul-26 by DoubleCutter; 639 views.

From: PuckerNoMore


Hey Cliff. I remember you from this forum. I was on here all the time. Sad that this forum is gone. I bought a GOLDWING also. Last year I flew out to TX picked up a 2007 with 8968 miles on it. Rode it to Phoenix, picked up my wife at the airport and toured Utah for a week then rode it home to NH. Fantastic machine. Good luck with yours. Good to see you're still kicking. 

Easy Ed (epconde)

From: Easy Ed (epconde)


This forum is not gone. Folks simply stopped posting to it. It is wide open if folks wish to post.



From: PuckerNoMore


I stand corrected Ed. Couldn't post if it was gone. Hope you and Deb are well. Followed your recent trip. Looked like a great ride. I'll be riding some of those roads coming up.
Be well
OLRON (VN1600)

From: OLRON (VN1600)


I check in here almost everyday. Haven't done so for the last 3 days though as the last of my 3 brothers passed away last Saturday.



From: Bobmeinet


Sorry for the loss of your brothers.

OLRON (VN1600)

From: OLRON (VN1600)


Thanks Bob, I appreciate the thoughts. Ron


From: PuckerNoMore


Hi Ron,
So sorry to hear of your loss, my condolences.

I used to check in daily also. Not as often any more. Not much activity. Are you on any other social media platforms? Facebook or YouTube?

I don't know if you're aware that I used to be disabled. A couple of medical miracles gave me the ability to walk and ride again in 2017 and I started a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing my rides with people who couldn't ride anymore. I don't know If it would be of any interest to you but I offer it with respect to a fellow rider. I know what it's like to not be able to do what we love.
All the best and again, I'm so sorry for your loss.

OLRON (VN1600)

From: OLRON (VN1600)


Thanks Rich, I remember you not being able to ride. We shared a a table at one og the ride functions once. Beth and I drove the car to it.

Fortunately, i have a lot of friends and family that touch base with me and come over to do chores here that I no longer can or dare to do, like mow my 3/4 acre yard. I can actually ride the lawn tractor, but the doctor said no to that one due to the dust. I have COPD and am on oxygen. As for Facebook, I have an account, (LR OLRON). I'm not very active on it. I check it every day, but don't post often. Mostly family and sometimes to NER members. Thanks again for posting.   Ron




Sorry for the loss of your brother