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The NER is a group of motorcyclists that self organize in this forum and a Facebook Group to ride and have fun with other riders. We are an inclusive group - all motorcycle brands are welcome. It is not a club – no dues, membership, or officers.

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Long time no see.   General Topics

Started 6/29/21 by ROUNDZ (djr0818); 718 views.

From: therealOSJ


Well well well...look who's still around :)

I think you are the OLD CROW Mr. Roundz!!!

How you doing?

ROUNDZ (djr0818)

From: ROUNDZ (djr0818)


Hi Jim. Good to see you are still enjoying yourself. I'm about 40 pounds heavier than in those pics and the whiskers are all gray but I'm still around. Pics brought back good memories, thanks. I hope you and yours are well. I don't follow NER but if you see anyone that remembers me please give them my best. Have a great holiday!


From: therealOSJ


Great to hear from you!  Hope all is well!
You still down near Somers?

I'm not on NER FB any longer but I do a lot of motorcycle stuff on my personal page, If you are on FB look me up James Cormier.

I'm still in West Boylston, riding as much as I can and living my best life!! 

ROUNDZ (djr0818)

From: ROUNDZ (djr0818)


Yeah I'm still in Somers. Really glad to hear you are still being yourself! I'll check out your page.