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Garmin 660LM Audio & map drawing Problem   Technical Q&A and Gadgets

Started Sep-6 by oVTo; 78 views.

From: oVTo


I'll start by admitting I only did a cursory search for this topic (and found nothing), and I have just started to gather information on this problem. But I thought it might save a lot of time by sharing it here because this may be common and already answered. So here goes...

When playing music on my 660, it works fine when displaying the music player. The audio becomes choppy (plays for a second or 2 then goes silent for about the same amount of time) when the map is displayed but no route is loaded. It goes mostly silent when I have a route loaded, even if it's just a simple nearby endpoint that was loaded (just going from home to work for example).

I'm listening to the music through a bluetooth connection to a Cardo Packtalk Bold headset but this problem also happened with my Cardo G4 headset. I'm reasonably sure the problem is the 660.

It seems like a buffering problem - not enough RAM for the map, route, and audio. I think this is supported by the fact that the display started getting very, very slow drawing the map at the same time the audio problem appeared. The slow display update happens whether the audio is playing or not.

For stored memory, Basecamp Device Information says I have 2.45GB of the 3.66GB free on the Zumo internal storage, and 3.79GB free out of 29.7GB on my SD card. One thing I don't understand (and this may be related to the problem) is there is another internal storage which says 4.25GB of 7.38GB free, and it has a SD card image. 

I have the latest software, Version 5.10. It looks like I have the following maps on the device - CN North America NT 2022.20 Basic 3D - US Canada v20.22 in internal memory, and City Navigator North America NT 2022.2 v25.20 on the SD card.

Before I start making a mess of things, is there anything obvious to the GPS gurus here that I've set up wrong or should change, or check etc.?