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Started by oldstonejim; 526971 views.

From: ERIC5061


I was researching, but I was stumped.

- eric


John Ahsmead was an underrated rider, never got a factory break.....but did well, but after he won that race it seemed like they hated him even more.  He's a nice person.


From: oldstonejim


Good Job, Tim. I figured with search engines Ashmead would be found, but I thought I would stump you on the special bike.

But I must do a little research on your ex Merkel bike, because I thought it was the ex rainey bike he won superbike title on. Now you got me thinking???


It's actually the same Merkel/Rainey bike/s.  Since in '87 Honda only imported the 700 version, plus Honda was phasing out their racing program at the time and wasn't putting money into new race bikes every year.

Merkel went to Europe (year before WSB was started) after being sacked by Honda, and Rainey was just coming back from his first stint in Europe riding King Kennys start up team in the 250's.

You want to see some good racing, watch the last 3 years of the Trans Atlantic races and the racing between Merkel/Schwantz, then Rainey/Schwantz....just awesome racing.

To answer your questions, I didn't look it up, it's all in my head.......LOL!


From: kencorcoran


hey Tim & Jim & all

not the racing buff you guys are but did loudon every 5 yr or so from the mid 70's on. it was sad to be there this year, racing was fun to watch and i like the motard stuff, but that stadium feels empty and depressing with 1500 people there, seems like more in the pits than in the stands. prolly has a lot to to with the ama pulling their show, do you think it will ever come back the way it was? just curious.

thanks, ken


From: oldstonejim


Ken, I miss the old loudon track to, and I was very dissapointed that ama pulled the superbike out of there.

Michelle and I use to go up every year, she loves watching the racing as well, What a girl. She loves being on the back, leaning with me in the twisties, just with 4 kids and all, it hard to get out together.

Tim, Im not sure I can stump you, ( Eric's easier :) ) I knew you came up with that answer in your head.

Back in mid 90's Cycle World use to have a chat room, and I started the racing trivia posts, I use to stump everyone, of course it was 70's-80's ama, and gp stuff.

My garage was full of motorcycle mags, I had thousands of them, My wife alway thougth it was useless info, reading all those mags over and over again. To bad I tossed them all, just couldnt move the 26 banna boxes full of them to the new house, Damm I wish I had them now.

Stay tunned, I post one a week, and no cheating !!!


I missed seeing the old track by one year, but have seen old pics, I would have liked it a lot better.  They pissed the AMA off pretty good with the token mods to the track for safety, but after they lost them they made the changes they requested, but it was way too late.  So I haven't been to a race there since '01 the last time the AMA came.

I'm just hoping they do though!


The 70's stuff is hard for me since I was just out of diapers, but still know a few things.

Got 2 questions for you:

1.  Who was the first American bike champion in Europe and what short lived class?

2.  Who was the Flying Pig Farmer?

My collection is/was like yours.....LOL!  I also collect motorcycle history books, mostly Kawasaki related.  If I need to find something I know where to look............that's using the old internet,,,,,,,called a book..........LOL!  Some people don't know about or do  that anymore.  Were you so bad, that you could remember the cover of the mag that had the article you were looking  for?

If you did, you're definitely as bad as I am!


From: oldstonejim


Oh boy, the flying pig farmer had to have been, dale singleton...right? Didnt he win daytona back in the 70's sometime?

gotta think about the other one, are we talking after 1971 ?


From: oldstonejim


Alright, Im pretty sure on the class, F750 right? But Im not sure on the rider, or year, or I should say , Im not sure if Baker was the first, He would be if it was 78, But if it was 79 then did King Kenny win the title in 79 before Baker? because the 500 series was longer? That would kinda be a trick question....hmmmm

Ill go with baker in 78

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