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Hurricane Mountain Rd closure   Riding Safety & Road Condition

Started 9/28/19 by Darkside1500; 129 views.
Easy Ed (epconde)

From: Easy Ed (epconde)


Darkside1500 said:

Facebook  seems to have a lot more action than this site.  I did not see this there yet.  Could some one please cross post it as I don't FB? I did Hurricane Mountain Road today (among others). and lunch at Anyway. electronic signs at each end saying it will be closed next Weds, Thurs, Fri.  I surmise this is to finish the renovation including shimming the shoulders and drop-offs.  Plan accordingly. If that is what is going on, I would recommend extra care when they first reopen.  There likely will be some gravel and/or sand left on the pavement. Also, as with any construction, this is weather dependent and may get rescheduled. Apologize if some one already noted this.

Thanks for the heads up.