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From: DigYourGigMay-16 11:31 AM 
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More Americans want President Trump impeached than don't, according to a new survey by Public Policy Polling released Tuesday.

Forty-eight percent of respondents said they would support Trump's impeachment, while only 41 percent would oppose such charges.


From: Cindy4Jesus DelphiPlus Member IconMay-16 5:07 PM 
To: DigYourGig  (2 of 52) 
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41 conservatives say NO to impeachment. Anyhow, nothing to impeach him for right? Anything concrete yet, and if he does get impeached the vice president will still be conservative. Christian for VP it is a win win either way! I am not for everything Trumps doing, but I sure wasn't for Obame wrecking havoc on this country. Were in a mess right now (as far) as trying to get us back on track Trump is trying.

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From: Mort15 DelphiPlus Member IconMay-16 5:22 PM 
To: Cindy4Jesus DelphiPlus Member Icon  (3 of 52) 
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48 intelligent people say impeach the lying traitorous imbecile. Need any help understanding any off the words? Use a dictionary. PS the VP  has also colluded and conspired with others to cover up Trump's obstruction of justice by firing the person investigating his illegal ties to Russia.

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From: DigYourGigMay-16 5:52 PM 
To: Mort15 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (4 of 52) 
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If Clinton did a hundredth of what Trump has been doing, they'd have already hanged her.


From: Mort15 DelphiPlus Member IconMay-16 6:13 PM 
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Yes and I am pretty sure that this so called Christian would love to see that horrible Obama right next to her.

It appears Comey had some notes about a meeting with Trump and it says Trump claimed Flynn was a "good guy" and that couldn't Comey just stop things. Of course that won't change dingbats opinion on Trump.

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From: Hector442May-16 9:15 PM 
To: Cindy4Jesus DelphiPlus Member Icon  (6 of 52) 
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"but I sure wasn't for Obame" 

After all these years you still can't spell former president Obama's last name?  Sad!


From: Cindy4Jesus DelphiPlus Member IconMay-16 11:45 PM 
To: DigYourGig  (7 of 52) 
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She's done much worse... she just never gets convicted? I don't believe this about Trump until they have all the proof. I think they are just trying to get rid of Trump period. Comey should of came forward way before now if it was the truth. Comey acted crazy even if he was a good man. And he did let the public down. I could post many links here about both Clinton's dirty deeds. Do you really think that Trump will get impeached now?

Just curious!


From: Cindy4Jesus DelphiPlus Member IconMay-16 11:46 PM 
To: Hector442  (8 of 52) 
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Typo Hector Hell and you know it LOL


From: DigYourGigMay-17 12:15 AM 
To: Cindy4Jesus DelphiPlus Member Icon  (9 of 52) 
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No, she hasn't done worse. Trump has done far worse. 

It's funny how you want proof about Trump, while investigation after investigation cleared Clinton yet you just "know" she's guilty.

You're deluded and you don't live in the real world.


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