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Presidential vacation days in the first year   Politics

Started 12/29/17 by DigYourGig; 484 views.
Knotpicky (RUTA)

From: Knotpicky (RUTA)


Heh, why am I not surprised. And it looks like trump has taken more than all the Democratic presidents together.

Since he works 7 days a week, probably deserves more time off.


From: DigYourGig


Trump doesn't work seven days a week. He hasn't worked seven days a week in his life.

And for someone who constantly attacked President Obama for golfing, Trump golfs all the time. Remember when he said, during the campaign, that he'd be so busy he'd never take any days off or ever go golfing? He surely must have thought his supporters would be dumb enough to believe that.

Now, he spends more time trying to hide the fact that he's golfing than he does actual work.

Knotpicky (RUTA)

From: Knotpicky (RUTA)


bmw6501 (JSullivan1) said:

Since he works 7 days a week

Heh, you got any factual proof of that? Maybe he "works" 10 minutes a day on those 7 days, but he's taken more vacations than the Democratic presidents combined, and golfed more than any other president.


From: RGoss99


While I agree with your point, perhaps we could be unfair. One´s prepresidential life style might stack th stats.

For example Carter and Obama, were not big party exotic vacation types before they were president

Carter, a baptist farmer, would ted to spend his away from desk time at home with family.

Bush I and Obama, were professional office wogs, would tend to take vacations more like traditional

Americans in less exotic places. Bush II and Trump were play boys outside of poliics. 

Reagan might have been Hollywood in his younger days, but he and Nancy, going up to the rance above

Santa Barbara, were rather laid back.

Which leaves Clinton, strange marriage, not really a family man, probably his idea of vacataion was cruising.

why I said possibly unfair, is that execs of Trump´s type tend to mix work and vacation all the time, so if out of the

White house is the criteria, he could actually be working all the time. Look at where all those tweets come from,

he probably think that these are a part of his job.


From: RGoss99


Adding, there is a style difference, while all the others, whether I agree with their conclusios or not, spend a lot of time planning, thinking, writing things down, negotiating. Trump´s style is to let problems come to him, and simply react, with no effort at consistency or logic. Lots of CEOs do business wbhile playing golf. Can´t imagine a lawyer working a case on a golf course.