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From: Meta (DigYourGig) Posted by host11/24/19 7:19 AM 
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From: Knotpicky (RUTA)11/24/19 9:40 AM 
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Any illness at her age could become serious. She has to outlive Trump's term. He's packed the Supreme Court badly enough, we don't need a super majority of ideology-driven right-wingers on there.


From: Meta (DigYourGig) Posted by host11/24/19 9:42 AM 
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Every time I hear about RBG's health scares I get cold and desperate inside. If Trump gets another Supreme Court pick we're all toast.


From: Hector442 Posted by host11/24/19 10:22 AM 
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I agree 100%.  No event would bring more lasting harm than the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg while Trump is still president.

If Trump gets to appoint another Supreme Court Justice, John Roberts would no longer be able to prevent the Supreme Court from becoming a rubber stamp for Trump and a rubber stamp for extreme conservatism.


From: Patrick Rock (PFR291) DelphiPlus Member Icon11/25/19 10:33 AM 
To: Knotpicky (RUTA)  (5 of 7) 
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I respect Justice Ginsburg's opinions and hard work, but her decision not to retire during Obama's term in office (long before Moscow Mitch came up with his technicalities) still mystifies and scares me.


From: Hector442 Posted by host11/25/19 10:42 AM 
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In 2013 & 2014 the Democrats controlled the Senate.  Moscow Mitch McConnell would have powerless to prevent Obama from replacing RBG.  It was clearly an opportunity lost.

What we don't know is whether there was any meaningful effort to persuade RBG to retire.

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From: Knotpicky (RUTA)11/25/19 10:55 AM 
To: Patrick Rock (PFR291) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (7 of 7) 
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She probably should have opened the slot to a younger liberal justice. But there was really no way for her to predict that Trump would become the next prez. She couldn't know the devastation that Trump would wreak on the country. I can't really blame her for assuming we'll muddle along with whichever center or center-right candidate wins, for not knowing we'll get a white supremacist extremist and crook in the White House.


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