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"Fox News: Distorting, Not Reporting"   News

Started by Bob in ABQ (bobnabq); 1644 views.

Whoa! Now THAT is in your face... ! Perhaps now is the time for CNN or MSNBC to do an in depth report about how FOX NEWS went to court to be able to legally lie to their viewers.


Bob in ABQ (bobnabq)

From: Bob in ABQ (bobnabq)


A couple weeks ago CNN showed how Fox slices and dices video to present a different story than the real video would show.

It was when Rep Frank asked a woman what planet she spends most of her time on.
Cnn showed the original video and then the way it was shown on Fox.

Instead of Frank responding to that nutcase, Fox's video showed Frank being rude and mouthing off to 'normal voters'.

I missed that, but I must say I am NOT surprised they would do that.


MobyD (Moby46)

From: MobyD (Moby46)


The other networks need to keep calling out Faux "News" for its lies and distortions. Too many people, even if they are a minority, take Murdoch's propaganda network as a real news outlet.

Thanks for the heads-up -- I just FP'd the video and gave appropriate hat-tips, as well as additional reference links.


Bupkus23 (Prof_Bup)

From: Bupkus23 (Prof_Bup)


While I agree that the MSM needs to do more, I doubt it would have much effect on the RWNJs.

We already have at least one organization that does that ( altho' not with the audience size that the MSM can reach ) - Media Matters.

One of the RWNJs over at my usual forum takes the typical stance about them, tho' - he calls them "propaganda" and won't even look at links from them...

[ Of course, he also has a lot of apparent difficulty separating "fact" and "opinion".... ]

The RWNJs out there already maintain that the MSM is "librully biased", without basis ( i.e., it seems most of them are just "parroting" that position, not through forming a "personal opinion" ).

No matter how factual and in their face any "rebuttals" or demonstrations of Fix News's duplicity, they'll deny it...

>>the MSM is "librully biased"<<

It must suck to be a RWNJ and realize that the truth is "librully biased."

Bupkus23 (Prof_Bup)

From: Bupkus23 (Prof_Bup)


I don't think they ever get to find that out... ;-)