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"Czars" and all that jazz...    Politics

Started by Lady SaraBeth (WHITEWITCH1); 2839 views.

From: JSixis


She should be on CBS, NBC, ABC or at least NPR.
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I wish she could somehow be on ALL of them...



From: JSixis


Here in cowtown columbus Ohio we actually had about a year of Air America (two stations but one was right wing and stopped after the mid term elections and the other was bought by right wing catholics) and I listened to her every morning. Racheal, Stephanie Miller, AL Fraken and Ed Shultz kept me sane during the dark decade.

It is one of the reasons why we need to keep the internet free. If the conservatives can turn the internet into TV and Radio where it is controlled by a dozen rich assholes it is all over.

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I'm not sure that they can control the internet... to complex, too many smart people to contain...


MobyD (Moby46)

From: MobyD (Moby46)


They may not be able to control the Internet, but controlling access to it wouldn't be too hard.

As long as there is electricity and computers, I am willing to bet there will be access... may not be legal...but there will be access.


MobyD (Moby46)

From: MobyD (Moby46)


True, but the majority of people will not have the savvy to figure out how to get access under those conditions and many won't because it's illegal. This is why net neutrality has been such a hot issue. Access for as many people as possible is what is needed.

Bob in ABQ (bobnabq)

From: Bob in ABQ (bobnabq)


Rachel is the smartest voice on cable news.
Not only is she smart, she can tell the news so common folk like me
can understand it.  I could listen to her all day.

I'm still an Olbermann fan, but Ms Maddox and Ed Schultz are now #1 and #2 IMHO.
Rachel because....well, she's Rachel.
Ed Schultz because he has fire in his belly.

My ideal backyard get together would have the two of them
and their significant others along with the Obama family.
But, with people like them, I don't know why I'd be there .

Oh, that's's my back yard barbecue.

From: JSixis


"I'm not sure that they can control the internet... to complex, too many smart people to contain... "

oh they can (and some claim are).
If you want cable access in my area you have 2 choices.
Time Warner and WOW who rents off of Time Warner.
They can block any ISP they want, you would just get the windows window saying access is not possible and to try again later.

There is no public radio or TV anymore, use to be a cable company had to provide that but they managed to do away with it.