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Tylenol,, Benadryl, Motrin, etc. recall   Science & Tech

I have seen so little about this recall in print or on web news, perhaps because the horror in Haiti and the election of a nude Cosmo model pushed it down in priority:

Here's the official notice:

Kisa (Fools_Bane)

From: Kisa (Fools_Bane)


Okay, that company needs to be fined right out of business.

That kind of delay is criminal.

Mmm...good info. Is there anything pressing about it that may mean it should get a lot of intense play, or would a small notice as part of an Open Thread be adequate? (i.e., are folks gonna start exploding, mutating or melting vs farting, sneezing or puking?)
I'm hearing some people report harsher symptoms, requiring hospitalization, than the recall literature suggests.  And since some of it is children's medication, there are going to be a lot of very upset parents if they realize they've been giving their kids poison because there hasn't been much publicity.

I think it's worth dropping the announcement here and there, not making a huge deal of it (at least not until the FTC investigation is done, when it may reveal a more sinister story).  At least let people make decisions on their own.

Just tonight, someone was recommending one of those medications to me, and I asked if she knew there was a recall.  Nope.

Great!  Can't believe this is getting so little play -- but then, I may be extra-sensitive, since I was a near-miss in the Tylenol poisoning years ago (had just bought Tylenol from the same drugstore as some of the poisoned stuff had been sold from).

>> I was a near-miss in the Tylenol poisoning years ago <<

Ack! ...glad it missed ya. Definitely not a bandwagon I'd want any of my friends -- or most strangers, and even most enemies -- jumping on.

Sometimes I wonder ... the trains I decided not to take that crashed, the gas station that a sniper later shot someone at, the Tylenol from the same shelf of the same store, seeing the eyes of the deer that I should have, by all rights, actually hit on that freeway traveling 70 mph ...

I suppose many people can see similar near-misses, and I just happen to pay attention to them and keep the gratitude alive.

I am very grateful for my life and health.