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Jon Stewart blasts, Olbermann responds   Entertainment & Media

Started by Lordrag; 1680 views.

From: Lordrag


Jon Stewart spent a segment blasting Keith Olbermann Thursday night. And right wingers had a ball getting ready to enjoy the fireworks as Olbermann was sure to respond to the skewering.

Well, Olbermann responded all right.

He played Jon Stewart's ENTIRE segment on his show Friday night.

And then, he loosed his rhetorical cannons on Stewart. Surely, the big liberal ego of Keith Olbermann was going to blast back with both barrels, and a full-scale war would be on.

And here's what Keith Olbermann said, after playing Stewart's whole segment:

"You know what, you're right. I have been a little over the top lately. Point taken. Sorry."

I really like them both. :)
MobyD (Moby46)

From: MobyD (Moby46)


I think Olbermann showed a lot of class in the way he responded to both Ben Affleck's and Jon Stewart's parodies of him. I like Stewart, but I still agree with what Olbermann said that got Stewart so riled.

It's sad that the state in which I spent most of my life is now partly represented in the Senate by the likes of Brown. I hope the voters come to their senses and make his Senate stay a short one. His win should be a lesson to Democrats everywhere. The Coakley campaign took her win for granted and as a result lost a seat held by one of the most respected liberals in the Senate. They should have fought like heck and never assumed anything about winning. Some voters may have taken the lackluster campaign as a sign of arrogance and either stayed home or switched sides.

There are times that I like what Olbermann is saying but I don't like how he says it.  It's way over the top.  Reminds me of a sports announcer.  I suppose there's a reason for that.

MobyD (Moby46)

From: MobyD (Moby46)


Even at his most over the top, Olbermann is better than Beck at his calmest. At least Olbermann bases his commentary on verifiable facts.

That is not even close to in dispute!

(I also wish KO spent less time focusing on the opinionators of the right.  He gives them way too much airtime and attention.  IMO. YMMV. STCWN.)

Becca (SAPPHOS41)

From: Becca (SAPPHOS41)


Ahhhh... thank you. Never saw that acronym before.