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On SyFi channel [however they spell it now]  they were running the 1963 episode of Twilight Zone with Dennis Hopper, called He's Alive.  It's about an American Nazi trying to reinstate the Third Reich.

When it first came on, I was in another room, and just heard his opening lines, how the minorities were taking over.  How Pancho and Malcom and Izzy were running things now, and good honest white folks were really the minority.  I dove for the remote, thinking I must have Fox on by mistake.  No, it was Rod Serling.

Watching this, it was as if Serling had scripted all the Tea Bag meetings.

The episode should be on Retrovision.  It's well worth the time

Kisa (Fools_Bane)

From: Kisa (Fools_Bane)


Watching this, it was as if Serling had scripted all the Tea Bag meetings.


It's very hard for me not to just reply to some of the Frightwing screed I see with the opening bars of "Springtime for Hitler!"

I found a good clip on YouTube.  Hope I can do this right


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Rats. Can someone smarter than I please fix this?

It's not a matter of being smarter -- just knowing how the tool works. That's instructional information, not dependent on anything else. ;)

If you go into your post, switch to HTML mode, edit out everything above the sig line and paste in the same embed code above the sig stuff, you should be ok.

The problem is if you don't know much HTML -- it may be hard to recognize the sig line code when you switch into HTML mode.

Normally, I'd do this for you but my account is now Basic, so I can't do squat. :/

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well fuck all.

I got it to work in preview, but when I told it to post, it still comes up as code.

Just go to and enjoy.

and yes, I was the one who deleted the post. 

Great catch, Helen -- thank you.

I've posted a short piece on ePluribus Media, using some dialog from the episode (provided via Wikipedia), and hat-tipped you:

Scripting the Teabagger Meetings, Twilight Zone Style

Thanks for finding and sharing it. It's timely, and oh-so-accurate.

You're most welcome.

I was getting ready for work this morning, with the TV on mostly for background noise [so I don't hear the cats carrying on and racing through the bedrooms]  All of a sudden, I'm hearing what sounded like a Nazi speech, and I had to sit down and watch. 

Yes, I was late this morning.  And I don't care.  It was worth every minute.  Well, and I was here yesterday for 12 hours.  So I figured I made up the difference this morning be being 15 minutes late.