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Christine O'Donnell CANCELS appearances   Racists & Gun Nuts

Started by hnglkjss; 6825 views.

It's common in some right-wing Christian circles to claim 'dabbling in Witchcraft' before they found Jesus as a way to strengthen their conversation story. 

Those stories almost always fall apart when looked at by any actual Modern Pagan and/or Witch.

It shows her as a liar...which we all know.


From: hnglkjss


>>>Methinks she was just blowing smoke.<<<

That much is obvious! She's caught herself in a nice little trap now.

And the stuff she claims she "witnessed" about witches and Satanism come right from debunked urban legends.


From: merryca


I dabbled in witchcraft before I was a Christian. My boyfriend at the time got interested in it and I went along. He bought books on it and tried some stuff. I don't remember that I did anything like try to cast spells or whatever. But it was a long time ago. We didn't belong to a group, there was no Satanic alter. That would've scared the crap outa me. There's more, but I don't want to get into it.

I knew several people who were into witchcraft before becoming Christians.

I wouldn't say that everyone who claims that is telling the truth though.

I think O'Donnell is a loon and liar. But it's just as possible that the witchcraft thing is true, as not. I would think the guy she went out with could come forward and back up her story if it is true.


From: merryca


She probably cancelled her Sunday morning appearances for a whole big bunch of reasons. She has alot to hide and much to explain. I'm sure someone advised her to cancel. Maybe Palin told her the ' lamestream media' was evil and only to talk with Fox. Or talk thru Fox. She can't handle questions about anything in her background and come out of it looking good.
>> It's common in some right-wing Christian circles to claim 'dabbling in Witchcraft' before they found Jesus as a way to strengthen their conversation story.

Those stories almost always fall apart when looked at by any actual Modern Pagan and/or Witch. <<

Those stories use a type of common myth-perception that reinforces the need to ~not~ bother to verify facts, as those facts would shatter their ongoing narrative with shards of awareness from the realm of reality.

That won't do for those who prefer to live in the comfy-zone of mentally unchallenged thought and wild conspiracy-theory based fantasy.

From the piece that I'd posted on ePluribus Media yesterday:

All we need now to complete the set is some idiot with a name starting with "C" who claims to have dabbled in witchcraft and clearly can't tell the different between between witchcraft (which, in modern usage as a religion, generally refers to neopaganism) and satanism...

Oh, wait -- nevermind.

If any of their fellow myth-perceiving Tea Bagged masses happen to stumble across the article, they'll have the ability to read the linked Wikipedia citations.

The vast majority won't, judging from past experience. A few enterprising ones may check to see where the link goes and will likely announce "Wikipedia? That's not a reliable source!" and the rest of the rabble will take up the call like a shield, reinforcing their collective mental shield against any assault of information or reason and protecting their groupthink mentality from harm.

It's what they do.

And it's not because they're intellectually incurious (they are, but that's almost beside the point): it's because they are afraid to be forced out of their comfort zone, where they can feel like their outrage is effective and their actions, racism, bigotry and selfishness are justified.

In effect, they refuse to step out of their virtual mental/emotional Neverland and risk growing up in the real world.

The biggest problem with that is that they ~also~ want to drag the rest of reality into that bubble of vitriolic fantasy, so that everyone is subject to their rules and nobody has to take any chances that reality might crop up and force them to mature mentally and socially.

That's why most of them poo-poo education as anything important -- because it is one of the most basic tenets of a reality-based society, and a strong educational system might churn out enough thinking people that their little Never-Neverland fantasy world could implode from dwindling attendance and increasing neglect.

Sorayaj -- I excerpted part of your comment, and my response to it, and plopped it over on ePluribus Media.

This is the second time I've done that without asking prior permission (the other time was yesterday with one of Pesky's comments), for which I apologize. I wanted to get the comment up over there to help promote discussion in both places.

If it's a problem, please let me know.

For the rest of the folks here -- I'll make sure I ask prior permission in the future. Hopefully, y'all can let me skate for now -- just getting off working two overnights plus a day shift, so my schedule's insanely disarrayed and I'm playing catchup, but still trying to ensure that I give folks proper credit / reference etc.

mayfly (RozMarija)

From: mayfly (RozMarija)


I was gratified to see NINE people agreeing with a comment I had made on a New York Times article, and I sincerely wonder where all those feminists have gone. The O'Donnell kid looks like Sally Field in the old TV series "The Flying Nun".

September 18th, 2010
11:28 am
Where is the feminist backlash against these ditzy bimbos from Alaska to Delaware and points between, like Bachman, Brewer, and Sharron Angle? These creatures are dragging down the image of serious, educated women who are working in every facet of American life and not hogging headlines with twisted Rightist fantasies.Sarah Palin alone has turned back the clock on the validity of women in politics. I was never a feminist activist, but today I'm shocked at what my better sisters had to fight.

Holy cow Batman, I leave this story for one day and it gets better and better. Witchcraft? I couldn't even dream this up. I can't wait for the debate with Coons. He'll make a meal out of her.

Or.. like that other loonbat, Sharon Angle, she'll refuse to debate Coons and like Palin, from now on out, will only give interviews on Fox as Coons gives inteviews on all the major nets. Which I'm sure the good people of Delaware will just love and finally define O'Donnell as the looney bin they love to beat at the polls. Coons has this election to lose. We're prety sure he won't. But is this the last time we have to see O'Donnell's face? Will she finally get the message she is too extreme for Delaware politics? maybe, she'll take the hint and relocate to some friendlier ground.

Somewhere like Utah or Aryanzona.

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Don't worry about presented the quote no harm.  Thanks for the heads up though.