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A discussion board about Natural Family Planning (as approved by the Catholic Church) and related issues. NFP users and seekers of all faiths are welcome.

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This is a discussion board about
Natural Family Planning

as approved by the Catholic Church.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us!

O Good and merciful Saint Anne and Saint Joachim,
in order to honour you with more zeal,
and pray to you with more confidence,
we come to consecrate the NFP Board Community to you,
for time and for eternity.
Hence we choose you, after the most Blessed Virgin,
for our spiritual mother and father, and our protectors before God.
We place in your keep our temporal needs, and our eternal interests.
We look to your example as faithful spouses and parents to pray for us and for our families.

We consecrate our minds to you, our thoughts and our words,
that you may enlighten us in all things, with the light of faith;
our hearts, that you may keep them full of love for Jesus and Mary,
and for one another;
our wills, that you may forever keep us submissive to the will of God;
and our bodies, that you may help us make them forever
the temples of the Holy Spirit and help us resist the temptation of sin.

Obtain for us, O Good Saint Anne and Good Saint Joachim,
the grace to fulfill faithfully, after your example,
all the duties of our states of life and to practice, like you,
all the virtues necessary to our salvation.
Grant that after having honoured and loved you on earth,
O dear and Good Saint Anne and Saint Joachim,
We may one day go to glorify you,
with God, Mary, the saints and the angels, during all eternity.

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This is a Catholic message board, yet all are welcome to post here. However, anti-Catholic remarks or debates will not be tolerated. The official viewpoint of this board is faithful to Catholic teaching.

    For more online info on specific NFP providers, please visit the following sites:

Please observe our rules specific to this forum:

  1. We encourage questions about NFP, and the Catholic faith, but will not tolerate insults, rudeness, or deliberate misinformation in general, and about these matters in particular. After a warning, such posts may be edited or deleted at moderator�s or editor�s discretion; posters responsible may, after multiple such incidents, be gagged or banned at moderator�s discretion. We do not insist on complete agreement with other posters; we do insist that disagreements be made with an attempt at charity. If you wish to express disagreements rudely, take it elsewhere.
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  3. We are fostering a support and information community here, not a flaming debate board. However, there is a private "Debate and Politics" folder for debates that is allowed slightly more leeway than the other folders. Guidelines for this folder can be found in this post. The Debate folder is a limited-access folder. If you have more than 100 posts and would like access to the Debate folder, please contact one of the moderators.
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  5. Charting questions should be posted to the board, not sent to the board moderators. Please know that most of the board members are NFP users with varied levels of personal charting experience; however, there are several certified NFP teachers from various methodologies on board who
    can answer technical questions. Represented are: CCL, CrM, Billings, Family of the Americas, Marquette, and various diocesan STM methods.
  6. We also have IBCLC and LLL experience on board for nursing moms with questions.
  7. If there is a problem with the board, please message one or more of the moderators.
  8. To help to control the amount of trolling and spamming on the forum, there is a 24-hour waiting period before new members can make their first posts. You are still free to look around to get a feel for the place.
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Thank you to Mary A., our founder and moderator emeritus; and to Debbie, Annie, Heidi, and Betti, moderators emeriti.

For a comparison of the different methods of NFP, NFP METHOD COMPARISON

Local NFP instructors can be found by contacting the NFP Coordinator in your local Catholic diocese.

If you are not sure who to call in your diocese, you may contact Diocesan Development Program for Natural Family Planning or use the NFP-Only Online Directory.

For information on LAM (Lactational Amennorhea Method) guidelines, see this description by Lee Ann.

For information on using NFP in perimenopause, see this thread for a wealth of information compiled by Trish.

Mariana's post on interpreting CBFM test sticks without a monitor (Marquette Model).

A beautiful post from Tom about barrier methods.

A comparison between menstrual cups is here.

See here for a comprehensive post with information about international adoption.

A sampling of conversion stories.

Thinking of having elective surgery or elective procedures on any part of your body? Check out this site for information!

Do you suspect a thyroid problem? See this post from Ann Marie for a comprehensive list of resources.

If you want any hope of understanding Barbara from Scotland's posts, bookmark this Scottish vernacular website:

Humanae Vitae

Board Members' Tried-and-True Recipes, including the famous Pumpkin Muffins.

Memorable Debates -- a link to some of our more contentious threads over the years

An excellent post back in 2004 from Ray. Catholic site, hosted by the husband of one of our members:


Catholic Prayers and Novenas

Some Common Acronyms We Use on the Board
AFLAC! = Not an acronym; it's what we yell when an issue is a particular "hot button" for us, and it originated here.
CCL=Couple to Couple League; CrM=Creighton Model; OM=Ovulation Method; TAONFP=The Art of Natural Family Planning; TCOYF=Taking Charge of Your Fertility; LAM=Lactational Amennorhea Method; CM=Cervical Mucus; EWCM=Egg-White Cervical Mucus; O=Ovulation; LTL=Low Temperature Level; HTL=High Temperature Level; SAHM=Stay-At-Home Mom; DH=Dear Husband; DD=Dear Daughter; DS=Dear Son; MIL=Mother-In-Law; FIL=Father-In-Law; AF=Aunt Flo (period); TTC=Trying To Conceive; TTA=Trying to Avoid (conception); TCW=Throwing Caution to the Wind; 2WW=2 Week Wait (between O and AF); PG=Pregnant/Pregnancy; NAK=Nursing At Keyboard; BIA=Baby In Arms; BF=BreastFeeding; NIP=Nursing In Public; AP=Attachment Parenting; LOL=Laugh Out Loud; ROFL=Rolling On the Floor Laughing; IM(NS)(H)O=In My(Not So)(Humble)Opinion; BTW=By The Way; IOW=In Other Words; b/c=because; KWIM?=Know What I Mean?; TIA=Thanks In Advance; HTH=Hope That Helps; TMI=Too Much Information; ROMC=Renew(ing) Our Marriage Covenant (i.e. sexual intercourse); ROMP=Renew(ing) Our Marriage Promises (i.e. sexual intercourse); TASBA=Tab A/Slot B Action (i.e. sexual intercourse); RYMC=Renew(ing) Your Marriage Covenant; BFN=Big Fat Negative (on pregnancy test); BFP=Big Fat Positive (on pg test); POAS=Pee On A Stick; YMMV=Your Mileage May Vary

St. Teresa of Avila, pray for us.

Pray the Rosary.

You will be responsible for, and indemnify and hold harmless Natural Family Planning discussion board moderators, participating NFP teachers of any method, affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, representatives and licensors against any claim arising from the material you post or that they, in reply transmit. Although moderators may monitor or review discussions, chats, postings, transmissions and related correspondence, and remove participents, the moderators are not under any legal obligation to do so. You acknowledge that the NFP Board moderators do not control the information available on the message board and chat room, and that any opinion, advice, statements, services, offers or other information or content presented or disseminated on any message board or chat room are those of their respective authors who are solely liable for their content. Any communication or material you post or transmit to the Natural Family Planning discussion board is non-confidential and non-proprietary. You assume full responsibility for anything you post or transmit.