No More Debt!

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This forum is to talk about removing all debt from your life and being a wise consumer. Its basis is from Dave Ramsey and his book Total Money Makeover.

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Welcome to
No More Debt!

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Forum Members reporting in have paid off
Over $3,000,000.00!
This number represents only a portion of debt paid off by forum members.  It is impossible to keep an accurate tally due to ever-changing numbers and privacy choices.

This forum exists to help you get out of debt, and to help you to stay out of debt!  We want you to be able to live within your means, make wise purchases and never again stress out about those upcoming bills.  Get control over your money; don't let your money control you.  When you don't have debt payments to make you can take full advantage of your biggest wealth-building tool - your income.

If you have an interest in becoming totally debt free, please join us and jump right into the conversations! We're having a great time and it's exciting to hear each other's accomplishments.

Forum Rules - we only have one.  No - More - Debt. If you owe, it's got to go.  If you can't pay in full, you can't afford it.   Mortgages are allowed, as long as it isn't an Interest-Only, Adjustable Rate, or other creative financing loan.

Asking questions and discussing financing is the best way to learn, but we do not want to see a bunch of posts talking about how using debt worked for you.  Some posters have likened that to a guy walking into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and saying it is okay to have a beer once in awhile.

This is a philosophy and lifestyle choice.  You do not have to agree with everything you read.  You do have to respect the purpose and intent of the forum.  Ideas for getting out of debt and staying out of debt are open for discussion!

"Yelruh Rule" - An unofficial option that suggests mentioning your debt-free status in posts describing your awesome new toy, vacation, etc.  This will save you from getting grief if someone wrongly assumes you're in debt and being foolish.  You can read more HERE.

Advice on this forum typically uses the methods outlined in the book Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. The primary focus of the forum is to help and support those who wish to use these or similar methods to achieve financial freedom.  Some of the ideas may seem strange to you, but in a world where debt is normal, it's good to be weird!

You can learn more about Dave Ramsey and listen to his radio show archives here.  These are the Baby Steps:

  1. Make minimum payments on all your bills. Squeeze your budget until you've accumulated $1,000 savings. This is your beginner emergency fund.
  2. Pay off your debts, smallest to largest.   "Snowball" the payments.
  3. Create a full-fledged emergency fund containing 3 to 6 months worth of expenses.
  4. Fully fund 15% into pre-tax retirement plans and Roth IRA, if eligible.
  5. College funding.
  6. Pay off your home early.
  7. Build wealth - save/spend/give.

Budgeting:  Check out our webpage for forms to help with your personal budget.  We also have a private folder for people who want help with a budget, but don't want to share their numbers with the world. 

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