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It is the bible I don't believe in.

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I can accept the possibility of a god of creation. Jesus was a nice guy, but probably a con man. It is the stories of the bible I do not believe in. It is obvious men wrote these stories, not a god. It is not that god does not exist, but rather man does not know god. If man does not truly know god them all religions are just the fantasies of people. When man can say with certainty where and how the universe came from nothing we may have a better understanding of god. When man can explain WHY we evolve and HOW consciousness comes from non-living matter we may have something. As long as we cannot explain how consciousness works and where memories come from we have to admit there is more to reality than we know of.

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We have no workable theory of a god of creation.

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True, but this does not conclude that a god does not exist. The conclusion is that man does not know god if there is one. If god is unknowable to mankind then all our religions are illusions.

No, that voice in your head is not god. It is your own thoughts and is different from what others get. If we all got the same voice it might suggest a god but the world has diverse religions. Do we have that voice thanks to god? If god caused life from lifelessness maybe so. But the voice itself is not that god. A god as the bible portrays is not convincing to me. The stories have the flaws of men and not the work of a god that created the universe.

Is there a god? "I don't know" is the honest response, but not an answer to the question. So do we believe what ever we want? Our answer says a lot about who we are. Must we have a conclusion to something beyond our observation and understanding?

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Must we have a conclusion to something beyond our observation and understanding?

the simple answer is no. However, I believe, evolution has created an area in the brain of humans that increases our odds of survival if we believe in a higher   Power to explain the unknown and protect us and religion is a powerful force in maintaining civil order and a sense of tribe.

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Cultural conditioning or evolution? Social forces, not biological. Gods came into mankind about the same time as kings. If kings ruled by divine grace there had to be a representative of god to crown the king. We have a few instances of the king also being the head of the church.

Is this evolutionary? I could agree that social evolution is an indicator of the evolution of our brain. So yes, religion and god is an evolution thing. As more people evolve to higher intelligence we step away from religious myths. It is fortunate to the church that there are a lot of the "not so evolved" that still support religion.

We have learned over a period of a million years or so to make quick decisions to survive. ... assume the worst and pray for the best.... so you don’t get killed by a predator, or by a flood or an opposing tribe.  Quick decisions by their nature are the opposite of the scientific method. God belief requires no thought... just belief.. it’s the fast way to explain the unknown and what we fear but can not see or understand. It’s part of our DNA... but a part that is changing as we continue to evolve in society. Religious affiliations in the US are on the decline. The number of agnostics and atheist are on the rise. We are well behind China though in that regard. Ninety percent of their population are either agnostic or atheist. The US stands at about 23 percent. We are still the largest Christian nation with about 65 percent calling themselves Christian. My guess is about 95 percent of that 65 percent are christian in name only. They certainly don’t treat others in a Christian manner... see trump and his followers. ??