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It is the bible I don't believe in.

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I can accept the possibility of a god of creation. Jesus was a nice guy, but probably a con man. It is the stories of the bible I do not believe in. It is obvious men wrote these stories, not a god. It is not that god does not exist, but rather man does not know god. If man does not truly know god them all religions are just the fantasies of people. When man can say with certainty where and how the universe came from nothing we may have a better understanding of god. When man can explain WHY we evolve and HOW consciousness comes from non-living matter we may have something. As long as we cannot explain how consciousness works and where memories come from we have to admit there is more to reality than we know of.

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Order proves there is a creator

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The universe is not magical or random. We cannot influence the material world by will alone as the bible suggests.  Does god create by will alone? I suggest no. God might create matter by a process unseen to us, but cannot create it from nothing.

The bible suggests first there was no material world, just God's will. Then God made light followed by stuff. Interesting that this Canaanite myth lists the basic elements as light, air, water and earth, as opposed to fire, air, water and earth.

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God creates by will alone. Jesus heals by will alone. Or maybe that only happens in myths?

The power of God turns sticks into snakes in the myth. Nobody today does this by the power of God.