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It is the bible I don't believe in.

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I can accept the possibility of a god of creation. Jesus was a nice guy, but probably a con man. It is the stories of the bible I do not believe in. It is obvious men wrote these stories, not a god. It is not that god does not exist, but rather man does not know god. If man does not truly know god them all religions are just the fantasies of people. When man can say with certainty where and how the universe came from nothing we may have a better understanding of god. When man can explain WHY we evolve and HOW consciousness comes from non-living matter we may have something. As long as we cannot explain how consciousness works and where memories come from we have to admit there is more to reality than we know of.

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End of the world.

Started Oct-8 by HWPeeler (HPeeler); 252 views.
HWPeeler (HPeeler)

From: HWPeeler (HPeeler)


Any day now sometime in the next thousand years.

Some people look at the stars and see patterns. People who actually know where the stars are know the pattern is only an illusion. The world is made up of an infinite combination of events. You can find any pattern you look for. I don't see Jesus coming back yet. The ark has not been found. I think we can find more reasons why not to believe the end is near.

But I could be wrong. relaxed

I have not read about any end of the world in the Bible but maybe you are talking about some other world.


HWPeeler (HPeeler)

From: HWPeeler (HPeeler)


Mac Hansen (Mac4Yuma) said:

I have not read about any end of the world in the Bible

You may have a point there. Rumor always said there was, but now that you mention it I couldn't find it either on a quick search.

Can anybody out there shed some wisdom on this End of the World story?


From: Christycutie


HW PEeler - Can anybody out there shed some wisdom on this End of the World story?

None that you would understand. 

HWPeeler (HPeeler)

From: HWPeeler (HPeeler)


Thanks for responding. We were looking for a biblical reference that mentions the end of the world.


From: Lonestar


Nobody knows the day or the hour. Anyone who claims they do, is a liar.
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Lonestar said:

Nobody knows the day or the hour


Welcome to the forum.  I haven't seen you in a while.

You are not asking the correct question the World will always be but the things that happen on the world will not always be.



HWPeeler (HPeeler)

From: HWPeeler (HPeeler)


The bible is not a worldly thing that passes away?

 Is god not a worldly thing that passes away?

Religious books, religions and gods are only temporary in the world. Many of them have come and gone. What makes you think yours is special?