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Guns don't kill kids, kids kill kids   Politics & War

Started 5/6/16 by gunter; 3510 views.
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From: RGoss99

1:35 PM

In line with your point, at one time I owed 3 fire arms, and kept them unloaed in a unlocked closit, never had any ammo for any of them, they were mine by inheritance..

In my last ten years before retireent, I was  licenced foster parent,but bcause I traveled a lot, never took long term placements, usually ases where parent had died say

in traffic accident, so I would get the kid or kids for  few days until relatives or long term placement was found.

In the process of getting the license, I had to wade through tons of buracratic regs. One of which said that not only had my fire arms be no where near ammo, but they

had to be keept in a locked container, where only I had acces to the key. I can´t thin of any case where a kid in placement used a guadian´s fire arm, but since your

cases involve parents, should we not also make safety laws for parents? Maybe, better yet have them get a license before they even produce kids.


From: RGoss99

1:45 PM

It is not just todders, who are pretty easy to solate from fire arms,the majority of deaths caused by kids using their parets"armory" involve teens.

Remember Columbine?

Failies of 30 victims recieved 2.5 milion coms out to about 93,000 per child, so what´s is a kid´s life worth? Most ofthe money came from the shooters parents home owners insurance,ao in effect it was other home owners had to eat the costs.

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From: RGoss99

1:59 PM

Adding, as an aside punishment for crimes of stupidity has a lot to do with who you are. For example, the Joan Carles , ather of the present king of Spain Father shot and killed his brother in the 50s. In 2012, the 13 year old granson of that king, shot his toe off during unsupervised target prctice. Spain has very strict gun laws, but the kid´s father, Duke of Lugo, was never charged with negligence.