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Yet More Thoughts and Prayers !   currents

Started 5/8/19 by gunter; 30482 views.
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Just in case ... the actual text is worth recording here:

My name is Jason Selvig and I'm from West Palm Beach, Florida, and I would like to say that I am sick and tired of the leftwing media and frankly, people in this room today spreading misinformation about Wayne LaPierre. Whenever there's a mass shooting, they all say that Wayne LaPierre isn't doing enough to stop these mass shootings, and even implying that Wayne LaPierre has played a part in making it easier for these shooters to get guns, to get weapons.

You heard it after Las Vegas, you heard it after Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, you heard it after Columbine, you heard it after Parkland, you heard it after Virginia Tech, you heard it after Sandy Hook, you heard it after El Paso, you heard it after Buffalo.

You kept hearing that Wayne LaPierre isn't doing enough, and frankly, that's not true. The NRA, under Wayne LaPierre's leadership, has provided thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families. And maybe these mass shooting would stop happening if we all thought a little bit more, and prayed a little bit more.

So I'm asking everyone in this room to think. To pray. Give your thoughts and your prayers, and your thoughts and your prayers, and your prayers and your thoughts, and if we give enough of these thoughts and these prayers these mass shootings will stop.

So, I want to thank you, Wayne LaPierre, for all your thoughts all your prayers.

Thank you

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America, America !

What's more traditional than fireworks on the Fourth of July!

It's early yet today:

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"This doesn't happen here" said an uninformed source.

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It's July (7) 11.  Seems like a good day to emphasize the benefits of a well regulated militia.  Any reason will do.

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"We also have removed the sound of children screaming as the gunman enters the classroom. We consider this too graphic.”

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... and not just a billion dollars, also a billion Thoughts and Prayers!