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Oumuamua   chariots of fire

Started 7/4/19 by gunter; 175 views.
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Zo (Arcanumist)

From: Zo (Arcanumist)


The dilemma for a young scientist is that "science" is confined to a small box of knowledge, all categorized, and accepted by mainstream academia as the truth, and nothing but this truth is applicable to any investigation (which then becomes another assumption).

Were we to begin questioning recent "whistle blowers" concerning information now being held confidential by reasons of National Security, we may discover crafts in space can be composed specifically for one individual entity from their own DNA. Hence, a being evolved from what general science calls the mineral kingdom will seem "rock-like" in its outward appearance in the eyes of an Earthling (homo-sapien). The craft is merely the outer shell comprised from same such DNA.

The craft is then capable of immediate intellectual response (commands) by the "pilot".


From: gunter