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90 Miles West of Central Park   our lost tribe

Started 6/7/05 by Paul (SNOTZALOT); 112085 views.
Carol Ann (Knit_Chat)

From: Carol Ann (Knit_Chat)


Oh excellent, Paul. You will love them. My hubby went to a garden show the other day and he met some Rutgers folks there and he told them about his great success with the Ramapo tomatoes. Some gardeners didn't have good luck with them, but ours were a [huge] success with some tomatoes weighing in over 1 pound each. Be sure to tie up the plants nice and securely so they don't fall over from the weight. And prune the suckers from the plants...that helps in keeping the fruit nice and big.

One of our local restaurants asked us if we would sell them some Ramapos this summer so I hope that works out for us.

Let me know how yours are doing...


From: Paul (SNOTZALOT)


Carol Ann,

Seeds arrived yesterday!  Thanks again for the info!

Think I'm going to purchase a bottle of Mayo today!
Oh that's great, Paul. I think you can hold off on the Mayo for a while yet. Gotta give the seedlings a chance to grow. My hubby's a little late in getting his started...he planted his seeds last week. Around May we'll transfer the plants into the garden. Keep me updated on how yours are growing.

From: Paul (SNOTZALOT)


We are trying for some early tomatoes this year. Pictured below are 4 two week old tomato plants and 108 onion seedlings.

Tomatoes will be thinned and transplanted this weekend to two plants and the onion seedlings will be scissor trimmed to 3" to encourage branching.

We expect to plant the onions in a few weeks and the tomatoes about a month early.

Tomato variety: Moskvich

Onion varieties: Candy & Copra

Broccoli, cabbage and related plants being started next week.

Spring isn't far away!
Carol Ann (Knit_Chat)

From: Carol Ann (Knit_Chat)


Looking good, Paul. Keep us updated on your garden.
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From: Paul (SNOTZALOT)


Seedlings. seedlings, seedlings!

Started flowers this weekend Calendula Flash Back Mix, Horned Viola Penny All season Mix and Athena Impatiens.

Not enough space, the tomatoes, eggplant and peppers have yet to be started....

Attached photo.

From: Paul (SNOTZALOT)


When asked, most of us usually say "just a pine box". Well a good friend needed a pine box for his mom, so I was honored to make this for her. Eastern white pine construction and it was made on "Green Day"


From: gunter


filling the need admirably, good job ...