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Batshit   currents

Started 2/26/16 by gunter; 261671 views.
Casey (BLACKHAWK452)

From: Casey (BLACKHAWK452)


Well, so hit me with your mod hammer.  I offend you referring to the Party of Treason as DAMNocRATs?  Gee, I have been offended for half a century as they have destroyed American Culture, Faith, and Families... using the strategies introduced to America by what is know known as The Institute for Social Research.   This group was brought to America by FDR as "refugees".  That group was originally known as The Institute for Marxism at Frankfurt University and were acolytes of Roberto Gramsci's  writings on how to bring down the West.

So, yeah, I..a former Democrat.. was left standing in place by the march of the DAMNocRAt Party to the Left.  Me..?  I am still that John Kennedy democrat I was in 1960 and 1964.  And I am an enemy to DAMNocRATs.

And they continue the march begun in earnest in the 1960s by their cadre imported to America to destroy this Nation and re-make it in the mold of a some European workers' paradise. 

Naw.  They are DAMNocRATs.

Casey (BLACKHAWK452)

From: Casey (BLACKHAWK452)


Gee, Jerry.  You have always had a hard time taking any argument seriously.  That is because you are an ideologue and not an intellectual.  

Jerry (coelacanth55)

From: Jerry (coelacanth55)


I am hardly an ideologue.  I do prefer arguments that don't include name called and referring to the Democrats the way you do is name calling.  I doubt that you have done a study of all supreme court nominees to see how much obstruction there has been and who caused it. I know I haven't.   What makes it harder is that our parties have changed.  The billboards against Earl Warren were put up by Democrats in the South not by Republicans, but no Democrat today would endorse that kind of campaign.  I am no blind admirer of the Democrats. I've read Robert Caro's account of how Johnson's supporters stole the 1948 senate election in Texas.  What I am saying is that sins of the Democrats don't make the sins of the current GOP any less sinful.


Casey (BLACKHAWK452)

From: Casey (BLACKHAWK452)


Jerry whines, "I am hardly an ideologue."..

Take a poll.  The only people who would agree you not an ideologue would be people who use "useful idiots" like you...and regular DAMNocRATs who don't know the meaning of "ideologue".evilGrin

And then..apparently to double down, Jerry huffs, "I do prefer arguments that don't include name called and referring to the Democrats the way you do is name calling.".

Gee, if I write it in chalk on the sidewalk will you try to have a "safe zone" declared?   What ever happened to the concept of open debate and discussion on Delphi.  That is what attracted us all nearly 20 years ago.  And now it is becoming a politically-correct sanctuary for people who cling to a failed ideology from half a century ago.

And, pretending to be a moderate <and I didn't say pretending to be a moderator>, Jerry sniffs, "The billboards against Earl Warren were put up by Democrats in the South not by Republicans, but no Democrat today would endorse that kind of campaign.".

No, Warren was opposed by Republicans in the Southwest, too.  There was a billboard on the Old Nogale Highway that I passed for years.  On the adjoinfg billboard was a "US Out of the UN" billboard.  They were there for many years every time I took that highway.  And they were ignored by the DAMNocRATs in the Senate as well as by the "Rockefeller Republicans" in both Houses of Congress..


From: Cstar1


Casey (BLACKHAWK452) said:

Well, so hit me with your mod hammer.

It's not my forum, and not my place to do so.

Casey (BLACKHAWK452) said:

I offend you referring to the Party of Treason as DAMNocRATs?

Yes, you do. Enough so, that I'm not going to bother reading the rest of what you wrote. You've rendered everything else you say irrelevant by your lack of common courtesy.

In reply toRe: msg 34

From: gunter


Can't help right now but maybe someone else can pitch in?


I wanted you to be the first to know.

It's my honor and privilege to introduce you to Carly Fiorina – the next Vice President of the United States.

Carly and I are about to go on stage to make this important announcement official, but I wanted you – one of my closest and most loyal supporters – to hear it from me first.

As you get to know Carly like I have – I know you will agree that she is the right person and ready to accept this enormous responsibility on behalf of the American people.


  Carly is a Leader: a leader who understands that power never has and never will come from the government – it comes from the people. A leader who knows the principles of the Declaration and the Constitution because she has lived them – a life dedicated to the dignity of work, of our right to pursue our wildest aspirations – and to help others do the same.

Carly is a Fighter: a fighter who terrifies Hillary, and she will do the same to our enemies. Carly will fight for the American people with an unbreakable purpose of protecting every one of their rights and ensuring we hand our children and grandchildren a better America than the one before us today.

Carly has a record of Accomplishment: a record of both personal and professional accomplishment, Carly was the first woman to lead a Fortune 50 business, and she did it during the worst technology recession in 25 years. Carly saved 80,000 jobs and grew the company to 160,000 jobs.


With Carly fighting alongside me – I'm more energized than ever to win this nomination, defeat Hillary Clinton, and to reignite liberty in America.

Are you with us?

Today more than ever – at this pivotal moment – I need to know if you will stand with Carly and me to defeat Donald Trump and capture our party's nomination.

What you and I do today will literally determine the course of our nation for years, even decades, to come.

Friend, I am personally asking you for your support today. To win – I must have your financial support.



Friend, this is it.

If we don't act today, it's over...

Please -- we need you with right now.

In advance, Carly, Heidi, and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.

Do all you can. We're all counting on you.

For liberty,

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Casey (BLACKHAWK452)

From: Casey (BLACKHAWK452)


I like that choice.  Cruz was not my first choice I think he could be a great President.  And Carly could become the first woman US President if she serves as VP in a successful presidency. 


From: gunter


I am thinking Cruz naming his VP this early is a move to trump Trump's headlines. Saw mention that Reagan was the only one to do this in our time?  I doubt is going to make any difference, Trump is still going to win the vote of all those disillusioned voters who are seeing their white privileges evaporate, they are the most energized.

In reply toRe: msg 37

From: gunter


Boehner is going after Cruz big time: 

“Lucifer in the flesh,” the former speaker said. “I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.”

Casey (BLACKHAWK452)

From: Casey (BLACKHAWK452)


Aw. gee, Gunter.  I never thought of you as being that far left that you buy into propaganda like "White Privilege".  Where is that to be found?  I grew up in bad neighborhoods, raised by a factory worker.  I went to Viet Nam and returned disabled.  I was the first person in the history of my family to finish college.  I started law school but had a wife and two kids and could not afford to finish.  So I became a schoolteacher.

But this was the early 70s.  And every job in my city had the notation, "Minority, Woman, or Bilingual Required" or "Minority, Woman, or Bilingual Preferred".  I applied to the Post Office and took the test.  I scored 98% on it.  Then I had the 10% for veterans...  So I scored 108%.  I applied for 50 positions and did not receive the courtesy of a single interview because of "Affirmative Action.  

Did you ever really know what "race-norming" means?  It was imbedded in the hiring process.  And it meant that members' of each ethnic group"s test scores were only compared to their own ethnic group's score.  So my 108% was compared against other white men's score and it put me inn the top 2%.   A black man was compared to other black men's scores.  That meant that to make the top 2% he had to score 79%.  And then his 2% was the exact same as MY 2%..annd all minorities got preference against all "equally qualified" competitors.

THAT, my friend, is "White Privilege". 

Okay, I am going to stop offending star and the rest of the wingnut true believers here.  Debate, logic, and humor are anathema here.  So I will take somewhere with grownups.