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Batshit   currents

Started 2/26/16 by gunter; 138735 views.

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noted ... signs of spring 2021 !

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Belarus hijacks plane carrying a dissident.

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Batshit note!

I see where inconvenient permafrost melting is causing difficulties for ConocoPhillips' oil extraction operations.  Seems their drills are in danger of sinking due to soggy earth caused by climate change accelerated by the world's consumption of fossil fuels such as oil. But never fear ... clever engineers are coming to the  rescue! We'll simply cool the permafrost so we can safely extract more oil. Don't  know how much fossil fuel is needed to accomplish this but I'm sure there will be plenty of oil left to power further acceleration of increasing temperatures.7

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Great Patriot Flynn at a Q event:

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“From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” was preceded in death by Trump Airlines, Trump beverages, Trump: The Game, numerous Trump casinos, Trump magazine, Trump Mortgage, Trump Steaks, a Trump travel website, Trump telecom, Trump University, and Trump Vodka.

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If you had doubts about vaccines in the past and have been reluctant to get a covid shots this knowledgeable doctor, who I'm sure has a high IQ, should confirm those doubts. Don't get the shot unless you want your soup spoon getting stuck to your face!


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Dated occupational statistics showed MDs as slightly more intelligent than average (IQ~107 IIRC) so it not their smarts. They are above average in obsessive-compulsive traits as well as memory ability. If one thinks about it (STS) the latter two are far more important to their certification and occupation than common smarts (IQ). 


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How do so many presumably normal people buy into these way out fantasies?  It's mass hysteria in action and some of us are more susceptible and fall for them.

There must be some connection in brains waiting to be activated by infectious memes such as conspiracies and religion, works somewhat like ducklings bonding to the first moving thing they sense.

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To be filed under unintended consequences: 

As you may know, South Carolina recently passed a law letting death row inmates pick their method of demise, either electrocution or a firing squad. After many years they were finally ready to resume several pending executions via electrocution.

 Not so fast! At present the State has no firing squad, therefore convicts are unable to pick their preferred method as the law requires. Ergo, all execution are on hold until the State is able to provide a firing squad.