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Batshit   currents

Started 2/26/16 by gunter; 203661 views.

From: gunter


Sorry - I'm just not buying into these elaborately constructed conspiracies which make no sense to any logical thinking with many individual points having been adequately shown to be figments of creative imaginations over and over again. Do you really want another thousand post rebuttal on repetitive arguments?  It's not something I want to rehash yet again. I'm much more interested in where we go from here.

We need to find a way to deal with all of us. In a world of limited available resources there is still plenty to around though it may mean some have to give some to spread the basics and not relying on arbitrary standards to leave people in the dust. Supply and demand needs to take into account that were all human beings demanding basic decencies.

Casey (BLACKHAWK452)

From: Casey (BLACKHAWK452)


Our basic difference seems to be that I understand that there will never be perfect fairness.  And I think America needs to worry about Americans, first.  Our economy has crashed.  In shipping jobs offshore to support other nations, we now have the lowest rate of employment in decades..  And the rate of "underemployment" is stunning.  Part-time jobs...jobs not commensurate with ability and education...  The highest number of food stamp recipients in history.  Kennedy put a man on the moon.  Obama has put a man in the ladies room.

CNN Money: 

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders aren't political pals. But they agree on one key issue: they think the U.S. government's jobs numbers are a crock.

America's official unemployment rate is a pretty healthy 5.3%. Ignore that, Trump and Sanders say.

Sanders told a huge crowd at his recent rally in Portland, Oregon that "real unemployment" in America is over 10%.

Trump, never one to be outdone, has been saying real unemployment is "anywhere from 18 to 20%." He calls the official statistic "full of nonsense."


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The Statue of Liberty after French police raid

Asmatullah Niazi on Twitter

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In case it needs to be explained: saying talaq talaq talaq is all it takes to divorce a wife and kick her out.

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If they don't like our laws then they should Leave! Course, I always thot Marriage was a Religious term and Govt. should stay out!
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File under Hillary, mentally impaired.

We need to be praying for Hillary Clinton, there's special needs there, there's mental impairment.