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Batshit   currents

Started 2/26/16 by gunter; 161265 views.
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Which reminds me, election jostling is in full swing with Republicans lining up to have God on their side and condemning those in league with the Devil.

Candidate for Michigan Secretary of State Kristina Karamo complains about the music corrupting the youth of America.  Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, Billie, Eilish, are putting children "under a satanic delusion." and then there is that number which is nothing more than a lesbian orgy. I do have to agree, can't really deny they do put out some satanic vibes, can we?

Curiously, she doesn't mention Lil Nas X and his taking care of the Devil via lap dancing and neck twisting.




Most people don't believe in much of anything.  i.e. political figures.   They want to sound important and be part of the mob.  Politicians just want your vote. 

Joe Biden is a classic example of not believing in much of anything and we have the fool on video to prove it.  On numerous occasions.

The Bible does not hurt anyone and I am in firm belief anything where you have an option then the discussion becomes moot. 

Thus, if you do not believe or believe in the Bible.  Individuals have an easy decision.  Read the book or don't it is truly a personal decision. 

Does it belong in schools?   Considering it is the all time best selling and read book possibly in the history of man.  Maybe it should have a place in schools? 

Yet, we all know why the powers that be are trying to remove the Bible from society not just schools and it is not about content.


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 I see there are various theories on Biden as well .  He may well be dead as some Q people seem to think and Jim Carrey is not just pleaying him on SNL!

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It's the weirdness of it all, removing books including the Bible of course ... like this story which I'm sure caused a run for the books on Amazon, books most of us never knew about.

In Llano County, Texas, officials are being sued, accused of stripping books from public libraries because they disagree with the ideas in them, including Larry the Farting Leprechaun and, horrors, I Need a New Butt! the synopsis of which, I assume, brazenly displays the book's deviance from something?

"A silly story that will cause boys and girls to giggle from beginning to end!" A young boy suddenly notices a big problem: his butt has a huge crack! So he sets off to find a new one."

That rumor, way back, about Marian, Madam Librarian,  comes to mind:

MAUD: Professor, her kind of woman doesn't belong on any committee. Of course I shouldn't tell you this but she advocates dirty books.

HAROLD: Dirty books?

ALMA: Chaucer!

MAUD: Rabelais!

EULALIE: Balzac!

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I donno ... it just doesn't sound right when they put it like that? 




Just like our childhood, it was the job of the parents to teach older children about sex.

However, our parents, or my parents, didn't and never would teach anything to do with sex to children under 10/11.  And they didn't teach the child they could choose their sex.

My nephew is a homosexual and he is married to his mate.  He was an adult when he made his choice.  My sister didn't push anything on him.  When we all get together for our family reunion, he is loved as much as all the family members are.  More actually.  He's my favorite nephew.  :D

My sister did not and would not teach him sex education at 5.

Teachers in grammar school, especially, needs to get out of the pants of our children.




Hi Gunter,

Jim Carrey?  Now that is something I had not thought of, but it is a possibility?  lol



From: gunter


More strange things we may not have thought of:

You've probably heard about the Alabama jailer taking off with a dangerous inmate, they're still looking for the pair. The Sheriff of the town said the two had a Special Relationship.

Another Special Relationship in the news is the one between Madison Caldwell and his 'scheduler' Stephen Smith who lives with him. They make a better looking couple then the Alabama pair.

Smith was seen on video groping Caldwell. There are screen shots of messages mentioning "Getting naked for me in Sweden," "The quickie at the airport" and "breaking and entering." Caldwell has been dismissing allegations as simply a way to tear into him and bring him down,  he's just having fun with friends.

Another video showed up today apparently showing the two having fun in bed, nude, while the unidentified camera man is encouraging the pair, telling Caldwell where to put his ... junk. Caldwell does acknowledge the video is real.

You need to log in to twitter to see and hear the more explicit video due to adult content but I've excerpted a frame below.


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Is that you David Attenborough?

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