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Batshit   currents

Started 2/26/16 by gunter; 195437 views.

From: gunter


So were was we with the documents Trump absconded ...

The affidavit didn't help.

FPOTUS demanded a Special Master. Each side picked two to pick from.  We'll see if there is an agreement on that. 

DOJ told the Judge that there are more missing classified documents (the empty folders?) Prosecutors say it may present a national security risk that merits investigation.

Don't really kow if it means anything but there are videos of boxes, looking much the ones the FBI found at Mar-a-Lago, being loaded into a private plane and flown from Palm Beach to Trump's golf club at Bedminster just three days after NARA asked for missing material back in May. 

It's obvious FPOTUS totally ignored any safeguards on how to handle classified material.  The documents hinted at simply would not be declassified at the wave of his wand and kept mixed with items of clothing and snippets of newspapers and magazine covers featuring his likeness.

still ... why ?


From: bshmr


Seems the 'others' frame has been bought into again -- all of the documents (more or less) are the property of the USAn Archives (since 1974) to prevent another Nixon-esque travesty. The magician's deception: watch the 'secrets' distracts from the fact that the 'secrets' were pick-pocketed from you (STS). 


From: greenie225


MAGA doesn't know that America elects its leaders through a democratic process?  That's just nuts.

They still think he won.  I don't understand.

I am weary of politics and idiots.  

But I can always come here and find a little sanity in my day.  Thanks!

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From: gunter


greenie225 said:

But I can always come here and find a little sanity in my day.

Don't know how you can say that when I keep posting the batshit some people come up with!


From: greenie225


Well, I don't read all of that part.  I don't watch the news either.

But I have seen that Ukraine is giving Russia a thrashing now.  Most of the world is on their side, I think.

We'll see.


From: gunter


When Pieper Lewis was 15 year she was sex trafficking. In a fit of anger she killed her rapist.

She should have know better.

Judge spares her further jail time.

Among other restrictions on her agency she is required to pay her rapist's family 150,000 dollars. There's no problem raising this amount for her on gofund.com , but still.

makes me sick ...



From: greenie225


Yeah, disgusting.

I escaped being raped when I was a tender 16, innocent virgin.  He didn't intend to rape me, just throw me down on the ground and sit on me while he masturbated.

I was screaming as loud as I could, and I was terrified.

He said, "I'm not going to screw you."

Yeah, that made it all better.

I remember when that guy who was appointed to the supreme court after being interrogated about an assault that he denied.  The men who defended him said that this had happened thirty years ago, so how could she possibly remember his face?

Yes, I remember his face.  That was 1967...


From: gunter


Sorry to hear about your experience, especially difficult for you when news like above keeps bringing back those memories.


From: greenie225


Yeah, but I am witness to the fact that we remember the face of the man...forever.

It's OK.  I got away relatively unharmed.  Scared -- terrified, but also a little smarter.  I put myself in a dangerous situation, but he was still to blame.

I got triggered when I saw that woman being told she must pay...

Damn.  Isn't that just stupid?


From: gunter


Sieg Heil!