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Yet More Thoughts and Prayers !   currents

Started 5/8/19 by gunter; 50645 views.

From: bshmr


That's Dee. In the olden days, she spoke her mind as far as anyone knew or cared. 


From: gunter


Adding at least 8 make that 10* more to the count. Would 8 make that 10* Hail Marys on the rosary be appropriate? 

It's a black neighborhood if that makes a difference.

*While I was composing my witty comments, the number of casualties changed from 8 to 10.  I don't know, 10 Hail Marys seems excessive ?

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meanwhile elsewhere  ...

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From: gunter


today, in Texas ...

  • 14 students and a teacher were shot and killed at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday morning.
  • The shooter has been identified as 18-year-old Salvador Romas, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said. Romas is dead.
  • Authorities believe the suspect acted alone.
  • The suspect's grandmother was shot and killed prior to the school shooting. Authorities believe the shootings are linked.
  • Two police officers were also shot. They are expected to survive.


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Amerie Jo Garza, 10

“So the gunman went in and he told the children, ‘You’re going to die.’ And she had her phone and she called 911. And instead of grabbing it and breaking it or taking it from her, he shot her,” Arreola added. “She was sitting right next to her best friend. Her best friend was covered in her blood.”


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From: gunter


Can you conjugate mass shooting responses?  I see where Ted Cruz drops the thoughts part and now just concentrates on 'fervently' praying.

Thoughts and Prayers
Yet more Thoughts and Prayers
Thinking and Praying Profusely
Fervently Lifting up in Prayer

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From: gunter


21 times, the same headline.

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From: gunter


Gotta watch and hear the whole thing. It's not clearif those who applaud at the end where in on it or just approved.

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From: gunter


Just in case ... the actual text is worth recording here:

My name is Jason Selvig and I'm from West Palm Beach, Florida, and I would like to say that I am sick and tired of the leftwing media and frankly, people in this room today spreading misinformation about Wayne LaPierre. Whenever there's a mass shooting, they all say that Wayne LaPierre isn't doing enough to stop these mass shootings, and even implying that Wayne LaPierre has played a part in making it easier for these shooters to get guns, to get weapons.

You heard it after Las Vegas, you heard it after Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, you heard it after Columbine, you heard it after Parkland, you heard it after Virginia Tech, you heard it after Sandy Hook, you heard it after El Paso, you heard it after Buffalo.

You kept hearing that Wayne LaPierre isn't doing enough, and frankly, that's not true. The NRA, under Wayne LaPierre's leadership, has provided thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families. And maybe these mass shooting would stop happening if we all thought a little bit more, and prayed a little bit more.

So I'm asking everyone in this room to think. To pray. Give your thoughts and your prayers, and your thoughts and your prayers, and your prayers and your thoughts, and if we give enough of these thoughts and these prayers these mass shootings will stop.

So, I want to thank you, Wayne LaPierre, for all your thoughts all your prayers.

Thank you

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From: gunter


America, America !

What's more traditional than fireworks on the Fourth of July!

It's early yet today: