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The Natural and the Supernatural   chariots of fire

Started 7/5/19 by Zo (Arcanumist); 125 views.

From: gunter


Granted there are many mysteries to be explored, yet in the end I am positive they can all be answered by empirical data, just as mysteries of the past have been explained by science and reasoning. This does not lessen their wonder;  it's awe I experience gazing at the infinite magnificence of the universe revealed by the luster of galaxies in the eye of Hubble, and it is wonder when I grasp mere inklings of  the inner workings of quantum mechanics.

My only regret is I most probably will not be around to see a resolution. I'm old enough to acknowledge before that happens all of us will be dust ... though I'm still willing to make an exception in my case!

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Zo (Arcanumist)

From: Zo (Arcanumist)


My own decades upon decades of study, experiences, and experiments has opened the door of realizing science and religion are one in essence. Each may seem different only in its vocabulary.

Empirical science has created its own "box" of limitations, just as religion once held firm to its own imagined realm of comprehension. The arts allow for truth to be expressed when the common point of origin is realized, the point wherein religion and science merge.

The chasm between science and religion is man-made. Should a person limit their own journey to either one or the other, the truth of All-Things will remain unknowable and out of reach for the human mind to grasp.

We live in an age wherein the common man may delve beyond the boundaries of denominational religious thought and the limititations born of academia.

Just as the human mind may escape its physical body in the night-season of dreams, the conscious mind can step into other realms beyond time and space via the meditative state. Science may then discover the practicality of what the mind can deliver unto an advancing civilization.