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Started 6/9/18 by HWPeeler (HPeeler); 29 views.
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Certainly as we age individually we gain knowledge and experience beyond our formal education. The same is true as a society. Each generation gain a bit in understanding and passes it on to the next as basic education.

In Einstein's time, 100 years ago when he was in school, we numbered about 90 basic elements. Today, what? 118 or so? Plastics?  Each generation (hopefully) improves the knowledge and understanding of the next.

A greater population allows more people to invest time in expanding our understanding of the universe. As we apply this understanding to our health we stay productive longer in life. 100 years ago a 60 year old man was pretty much toward the end of his productivity. 100 year old people were rare. Today it is not rare to find people 100 years old.