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What are god's creations.

Started 11/29/17 by HWPeeler (HPeeler); 371 views.
HWPeeler (HPeeler)

From: HWPeeler (HPeeler)


Assuming a god of creation of any kind exists ....

What are god's creations? The universe and life from lifelessness, of course. Let's consider some not so obvious things.

Electricity? God's creation or mankind's? If god creates atoms then god creates electrons that make up electricity. God makes lightening. Then god creates the electricity that runs through our nervous system. Getting more complex, does god create microprocessors? God creates the sciences we use in manufacturing digital and analog circuits. Is the wisdom to design analog and digital circuits thus wisdom from god?

Sciences? If god created the universe then god creates the laws by which the universe works. All our sciences are god given. Knowledge of the sciences is therefore an indication god is with us. Is ignorance of these sciences then an indication we are not closer to god? Des quoting 2,000 year old myths make us closer to god? What is spirituality?

Describe the process of learning without including a voice of god that tells you when things make sense. Some people have a harder time telling what is true and what is not. Some people read the story of a flood caused by rain that covers the world and faith tells the to believe it. Another person knows the process of weather and knows rains cannot raise the levels of the oceans. Understanding the history of mankind tells us there was no flood at that time. Faith and belief conflicts with reliable knowledge and reason.

Love? Is love a mystery? Does it come with life? Do all god's creatures understand love?




God has actually created what His People have said He did.  Being as God or the very concept of God has no proof, it is easy for adherents and believers to say that God Created ALL.

HWPeeler (HPeeler)

From: HWPeeler (HPeeler)


Okay, so god created atoms, the laws and mechanisms by which atoms are formed. God created the laws by which atoms form molecules. In doing so god created the laws by which amino acids are formed, DNA is formed and thus life from lifelessness. Assuming any form of evolution exists this also m must be according to the laws of god's creation.

God dictates the methods by which stars are formed and destroyed, planets are formed, galaxies are formed and this whole system.

So the study of how the universe exists and operates is the search for god's laws.

(Defining god as the causal force behind the operation of the universe.)

We do not find things happening with no cause to the effect. It is not magic of mind and will alone. Where we cannot observe a cause we can assume a cause exists beyond our perception. Dark energy and dark matter we can see the effects of even if we cannot observe dark energy and dark matter directly. Through putative reasoning we can say the cause must exist.

So accepting the reality of such a god, what is the cause behind god? The cause behind god is entwined in the definition of god. In defining god we define the causal forces behind god.