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From: Nelly5911/13/16 10:48 AM 
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Hello again, everyone..!!





I found my original post from 2 years ago when I had my revision.

KI seem to have slipped out of existence since then and into a deep, black hole.

I apologize but psychologically I have been a total wreck due to the contious and severe pain.

My pain had been centred around the right operated leg and knee for the first 8 months after surgery as I was totally bedridden, only getting up to go to physio and the bathroom.  It was severe.  The stems I have in the thigh and lower leg are very long and go halfway up and halfway down.  I didn't even know I had such long stems till 6 months after the revision when I had X-rays and the technician actually yelled at me for not telling him as he said he wasted the X-rays and had to redo them..!!

I cried and sobbed like a baby.  It was an emotional shock.

This was my 6 month post surgical appointment and only then did I find out how extreme the surgery had been via the resident who examined me prior to my ortho surgeon.

He said they had to "ream the bone canals" to insert the stems to give the new implant the support it needed.  I had quite a bit of necrotic bone and they placed several metal widgets and gadgets there to replace the bone and he told me new bone would eventually grow over it.

He also told me that this was major surgery and the pain I was experiencing 6 months post, could get better, that the one year time mark post surgery usually told how much residual pain a person had for the rest of their life.

I had actually forgot about this conversation.  Well it's been 2 years post and it's worse because the severe bavk pain and nerve pain kicked in 8 months after the surgery when I started to actually move a bit more.  So now on  writing this I'm wondering if the nerve pain is being caused by my back, although no doctor has ever said so - they say all 3 of my pain components are post surgical pain.

The 3 pain components are;

1) severe pain in the knee and thigh and calf that encompasses the entire implant

2) severe pain in the lower back which renders me unable to sit or stand or walk for very long and has periods of time where I go through an even more severe bout of pain fir several days/weeks where the pain is so excruciating that I can only find some relief lying in bed in my side with several pollows supporting my operated leg 

3) severe nerve pain in the shin and outer calf that are like a million swords piercing and stabbing at me which is worse at certain movements and when I walk and put pressure on the leg.

So, to everyone that has kindly commented on this post, I reach out, yet again as I try to remain in the light and not go back into my black hole, yet again.




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From: Nelly5911/13/16 10:51 AM 
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Hello Maida,

I'm so very sorry that I never read or responded to your post so long ago.

If you read my post above, to everyone, I hope that you can understand and forgive me.

If you are hopefully still out there somewhere, I would so appreciate it if you would tell me how YOU are doing.

I sincerely hope it's good news.  If not, perhaps we can learn from each other.




From: SloopJohn11/25/16 12:10 PM 
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I think you are a good candidate for a Spinal Cord Stimulator.  Not a cure by any means but it will greatly tone down the pain you having in you legs and back.


Get thyself to a Pain Doctor asap, and make sure you bring up the topic of Spinal Cord Stimulator.  No doctor will immediately opt for that option, so you'll have to go through different stages of the pain management protocol.  And even when the pain doc finally decides that YES this is what you need, you'll still have to go through "qualifying" by the insurance companies.  That is why I urge you to get going right now.  It is a somewhat lengthy ordeal to get to the actual operation.   



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From: UNTOURING12/1/16 2:11 PM 
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I just read some of the posts about revisions.  I had one 13 years after my first TKR.  With original TKR I played golf 6 weeks after.  With the revision I was in PT for 10 months.  I went to a very experienced ortho at a top hospital.  When I talked about the pain-in calf, shin and mostly in thigh-was told knee is great.  I tried to say, I believe that.  But the pain in thigh was so bad I ended up in ER to have blood clot checked out-all fine.  Used big cast and cane for while-then gone.  Pain has returned a few times.  Got "Knee is fine." Keep cane in car.  Googled this problem and learned from South American doctor that there is end of stem pain.  At least I finally got an explanation.  It seems we go into this surgery with very little information.  Having had the first, it would be nice to know all will not be the same.  I too had no idea that I would have rods and did not learn about it until I saw an X-ray a while after the surgery.


I think not having been well informed is a terrible mistake.  I do well knowing what to expect.  




From: Joanne (jlgonzo) DelphiPlus Member Icon12/3/16 12:53 PM 
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Isn't that called 'firing the surgeon, and get a new one'? Sometimes the MD's that are hailed as being 'the best', are often the most complacent.

Look for the MD(surgeon) that has had a lot of experience in 3rd world countries. Being LDS, I have noticed that often Dr.'s will go on 'missions'. Where they practice their craft on the poor, giving them the opportunity to walk, fairly pain free. That is a hallmark of a great surgeon(imo). But the lazy ones will often think that they have the prosthesis set...and sometimes leave the work to a surgeon that is fairly green.

Can a (new) surgeon remove the hardware and repair the bone then replace the prosthesis? Just wondering.

Hang in there, ok? xoxo

Check out this sounds like what you may be experiencing.


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