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From: Jaborla1/4/17 1:58 PM 
To: SnowyMoi2  (38 of 56) 
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Hello, Mary!  Thanks for your reply. 

WHERE IS EVERYBODY?  Is this site dead or is it ongoing?


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From: SnowyMoi21/4/17 5:43 PM 
To: Jaborla unread  (39 of 56) 
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I think it is just a hit and miss thing what ppl post whenever..and its the end of the holiday, maybe ppl will post more.. dunno.. im kinda new here, the past few months....   How are you doing? Hope you are doing better... take care :)



From: SnowyMoi21/5/17 10:32 PM 
To: Jane10 unread  (40 of 56) 
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hi, you say you have kaiser? i do too and i am in wa. state..... i have to lose weight first they say before my surgery..possibly next year or this fall..if i lose the weight.. going thru their weight program i paid for this spring.. feb or march...    So what state are you in??    i would really like to chat with you...seriouslly.. now i am nervous :(



From: SnowyMoi21/5/17 11:03 PM 
To: Belady2  (41 of 56) 
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hi, how are you doing now? still having alot of problems? I am asking because i am kinda new here and just read your post.. I am suppose to have left knee replacement in about a year. Have to go thru a weight loss class first at kaiser who i have as dr.  in washington state.... Are things better for you? Praying for you.. oh , just a thought, i have been seeing on tv recently that there has been recalls on knee replacement things... :(          so dont know if any of that is the cause of yours or others here who have had problems with their replacements.. i dont know.. just saying... not trying to be cold about this.. just concerned... take care...



From: SnowyMoi21/5/17 11:05 PM 
To: spider220  (42 of 56) 
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whew...i needed to see this...i was going to not have my surgery that is suppose to be next yr. or possibly fall/winter of this year.. have to take a weight loss class thru kaiser here in wa. state..... please tell me about your surgery if u had one.. thanks so much.. i see a light..possibly... tys again



From: SnowyMoi21/5/17 11:12 PM 
To: Jane10 unread  (43 of 56) 
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yes i am now scared........ don't know what i should do.... :(


From: SnowyMoi21/5/17 11:25 PM 
To: Meowkitkat (Sandy321)  (44 of 56) 
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thankyou for what you just posted... I am kinda new here... needing a knee replacement ... im 64 and might have knee replacement in a yr.  and little scared now in reading all these post...  i just started doing the recumbant bike.. and going to start and excercise reg.. going swimming also soon... need to get my legs built up as i read other ppl have mention.. thanks to that... so going to do that first.. weight loss class is in a few months... so i am working on what i need to first.. then if i still feel the need , surgery..but i need to do my homework as you all have said here..tys


From: Belady21/6/17 8:02 AM 
To: SnowyMoi2  (45 of 56) 
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Hi friends.  It has been three years and 1 month since my surgery.  During this period I've spoken to many people who've had a TDK and found that
  ONE THIRD had very positive results and would do it again (or do the other knee)
  ONE THIRD are uncertain, and
  ONE THIRD had a very difficult / painful surgery and would not repeat the TKR on the other knee.

I fall in the third group.  

The general approach used by orthopedic surgeons in the US is "when your knee pain becomes unbearable, it's time to replace that knee."  They mention 'bone on bone' in a way that's nearly an automatic response, and the four doctors I consulted didn't consider any other sort of treatment or any related factors that might be involved.

Upon further study and analysis, I believe that perhaps my abnormally high level of pain that lasted for months was due to thyroid issues or Lyme disease.   The body's different systems are all interconnected, and 'arthritic pain' is associated with both of these so perhaps that was a factor.   I had mentioned both of these to my surgeon but as a general rule they are focused on the surgery and not on each patient's total body health.  Perhaps in your area you can find a holistic physician who can check for other interrelated factors and recommend massage / physical therapy to improve mobility and reduce pain, while looking into related health issues like weight / thyroid / etc.   

Another issue for me was the 'lateral release'.  This had been mentioned by an orthopedist I consulted while traveling abroad but was ignored by my surgeon, who didn't mention its significance in the surgery.  However, it was an important detail!  For 1/3 of TKR patients, when the new kneecap won't stay in its 'groove' but instead pops out, the doctor will cut 20 small incisions in the muscle that holds the kneecap in place, to loosen it.  That pain lasted for two years, and it still aches when I have to stand for more than 15 minutes.  I sometimes wonder if I should have just fixed this through minor surgery as the foreign surgeon had recommended, rather than replacing the entire knee.  Or do targeted exercises to stretch that muscle so the knee would not pop out of joint.  

My knee functions well now, but it still 'pops' as the plastic pieces snap in or out of position inside the new joint.  I don't understand this and suspect it should not be this way.

My Dallas surgeon probably did a sufficiently good job in the operating room but that's only part of a physician's role in health care.  Not seeing a patient who has had TKR for TWO months post surgery - and not even calling  once to check on their welfare - doesn't indicate much care for their well being.  His staff did not serve him well either.  His cold-hearted and unconcerned (but beautiful) medical assistant is no longer with him.  Her flippant attitude in delaying 3 to 7 days to refill pain medication reflected poorly on him.  And when I urgently requested an appointment to see the surgeon about the extremely pain level that persisted 5 weeks after surgery, she made me wait 8 days.    

I had searched for an expert surgeon and interviewed four before selecting this one.  However, I have a sense that most orthopedic surgeons here in Dallas don't have much time for patient care because here they perform 3 to 7 TKRs each day.  (That's a lot of $$).

My suggestion to you would be to check online recommendations for surgeons in your area and look for one with excellent ratings for patient care.   Write back to the individual who has posted the rating (as you did here with me) and see what they say.  Compare with comments on other forums for the same surgeon.

I know that I did post on YELP a less-than-flattering report on my experience.  I also wrote a letter to the physician explaining why I felt his assistant did not serve him or his patients well.

Hope this is helpful.



From: SnowyMoi21/7/17 5:57 PM 
To: Belady2  (46 of 56) 
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Hello,   I am stuck on the kaiser system. Wish I could go else wheres but since they accepted my medicaid , that is where i have to stay.. So I am just praying that the dr. they have for the knee surgery is good. :(    But one thing i am learning here is that i need to get my other knee stronger first too... So that is a good thing for me.  Hopefully by the time I am suppose to get surgery, and now i will really make sure i can not walk when i do accept the surgery. Another thing i am learning from all these post also.    

I have seen other ppl here that had excellant surgeries with the knee but not with kaiser though.. :(

So now I will just do what i need to do and hope that I can get a good surgeon.   My left knee is bone on bone.. they say its servere..    sooo now, i will excersice as much as i can possibly do. thanks for all that has posted here, you have helped me some.. ;)   thanks so much.... hope and wish that everyone will feel better ...


From: Belady21/8/17 8:50 AM 
To: SnowyMoi2  (47 of 56) 
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Exercise is very important.  Build up the supporting muscles, become more flexible and strong.  Those are the two key words:  build strength (one type of exercises) and flexibility (a different type).

Do you feel a painful POP as if you knee is jumping out of joint?  That's an indication that your kneecap is moving out of the groove.  I actually had one doctor tell me 'that can't be!'.  But 1/3 of people who undergo TKR face this issue and must have a 'lateral release' of the muscle that supports the kneecap, holding it in place. If you feel / hear this, ask your doctor before surgery how he will release that muscle during surgery.  Try to avoid having the 20 small cuts, which add to the post-surgery recovery and pain.  There are other methods that are less traumatic to the knee.

Ask him about follow up.  Will he pass you off to a home therapist and not even call you after surgery to check on you?  When is the first follow-up meeting with your physician?  What medication does he provide for pain, and for how long?  (my doctor stopped refilling the pain med prescription after 3 months, but the pain continued for 2 years.)

You can also read more online.  And an excellent book about knee surgery is available.  I recommend that as well.

Good lubk!


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