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From: SloopJohn5/1/16 9:15 PM 
To: Joy (joy098)  (2 of 6) 
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Hi Joy

I did something similar to my right knee two years ago.  I was hauling my boat out of the water and lost my balance and fell down into the trailer at a terrible angle on the leg.  I thought for sure I had ruined my knee.  This was on Memorial Day weekend and it was Tuesday before I got into see my surgeon.  Xrays looked fine, so he said I just strained it.  Sure enough, it took a month to feel better.

However, in that same incident, I severely cut my lower calf.  It was so bad, it is called an Avulsion.  (Think of fileting a fish and you'll get close to what I did.)  At the time though, I was more concerned about my knee.  However, this was a serious injury and I was put in the hands of a plastic surgeon.  He felt I would probably have to undergo skin grafting, but never did.  It just slowly healed from the outside in.  Took 14 months to heal completely.  I have a pretty awful looking scar (kind of like a 3rd degree burn scar), but I am not entering any beauty contests anytime soon.  LOL

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From: Joy (joy098)5/3/16 12:34 AM 
To: SloopJohn  (3 of 6) 
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Hey John,

Thanks for sharing.  I get it!  We are very protective of our bionic joints.

I think it has been about a month for me now and the pain is gone much of

the time.  I still have times when this knee aches more than it did before, but

I am not complaining.  The muscles that I pulled from my hip to my ankle are

completely back to normal. ABout the beauty biggest fear before

I had my first knee surgery was what my scar would look like.  That is really funny

now because I have scars on both knees and my thigh and I don't care a bit, even in 

a swim suit.  If anyone comments, I explain what happened. My 5 year old granddaughter saw one knee scar for

the first time and asked what happened.  I have a nasty scar from my hip surgery.  It looked

fine for several months and then decided to look bad with a long deep dent between the muscles.

I really don't care.  I am so glad that I can walk.  Blessings to all.  I love hearing about your progresses.


From: vickiS195/25/16 7:26 PM 
To: Joy (joy098) unread  (4 of 6) 
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Love hearing this.    You go girl!    I'm having some issues now.   My replacement was 2007.   I so remember how brave you were/are.   Keep on keeping on.    I haven't been viewing the site regularly at all, but will begin again.    Love your spirit!



From: 100Catherine5/27/16 12:36 AM 
To: SloopJohn  (5 of 6) 
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If beauty contests were composed of loyalty,  a generous heart, good nature, an attitude of helpfulness

and a gift for teaching, you would win hands down


From: SloopJohn5/28/16 9:51 PM 
To: 100Catherine unread  (6 of 6) 
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I wish I could live up to that!  Thanks


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