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From: steve6n16/5/16 1:34 AM 
To: Hoggie (PCOHogWild)  (10 of 14) 
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The first revision was very painful, the spacer felt very rough and felt as if tissue was getting trapped when I would move certain ways. The second time, the spacer was made in advance, and felt much like a regular joint. I had that spacer for a year, it was comfortable, but I did not put my full weight on it for walking.

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From: Hoggie (PCOHogWild)6/12/16 6:49 PM 
To: steve6n1  (11 of 14) 
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My spacer doesn't seem to fit very's kind of wobbly and feels like little pieces of chalk in there. It's mostly just annoying, not too painful anymore. I have figured out how to keep from moving it in a way that will cause pain.  I have very little flex in the joint so that is frustrating too. I will be so glad to get the real replacement so I can put full weight on it and really start to recover.  

Do you remember how many days you stayed in the hospital after your revision surgery?


From: steve6n16/22/16 10:38 AM 
To: Hoggie (PCOHogWild)  (12 of 14) 
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Sorry you are having problems.  My first revision involved 6 months with spacers like you have--painful, rough in certain positions.  The second time I had spacers for a full year.  The spacers were ordered in advance, and felt like a knee joint and were far more comfortable.  Both revisions involved only a three day stay in the hospital.  My next revision (4th tkr in my right leg) is in six or seven weeks.  This time they think it is aseptic loosening and not infection, so if that is the case, it is a one stage event.  I am not convinced it is aseptic, but we shall see.  Good luck to you, I hope it all goes well.  By the way, my revisions were much less painful than the first tkr.  I hope that is your experience too.  


From: Hoggie (PCOHogWild)7/1/16 9:03 PM 
To: steve6n1  (13 of 14) 
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Oh, I like the idea of the revisions not being as painful as the first tkr. That surprises me, but I hope it is the case for me as well. And three days in the hospital is great too.

I am scheduled for my revision on August 2nd (assuming my infection has not returned.) I had my first blood work since coming off antibiotics. Keeping my fingers crossed for good results. 

So aseptic loosening? Is that just that the hardware basically loosens for no apparent reason? 


From: steve6n17/2/16 9:43 AM 
To: Hoggie (PCOHogWild)  (14 of 14) 
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I am sure there are reasons for the loosening, with a recurrent infection being possible.  As you may know, it can be difficult at times to diagnose an infection. I have asked my surgeon to be prepared in case mine is found to be infected at the time of surgery,  to be prepared for articulating spacers just in case.  My knee isn't "loose" as far as I can sense it, but on x-ray they can see a growing space between the metal and bone, and there is a growing "mass" behind my knee.  The mass is hard like bone, and I am told it is an accumulation of cement/bone debris.  We may be getting our revisions at about the same time--best of luck, or Providence to you!


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