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From: djcrac2411/4/16 10:49 PM 
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Worried just a bit on how much my right knee that was replaced in March of 2012 has been aching alot lately.  I live in Indiana and the weather has been changing back and forth.  Warm, then cold, then warm again.  I've been doing more heavier lifting at work, which has made my back hurt more, wondering if my knee's are affected from my back hurting so much ??  I'll be 55 in a week. hate getting older and feeling like everyday I'm in pain.


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From: katoboy11/5/16 12:42 PM 
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Suggest you get it checked by your knee doctor to make sure you haven't picked up an infection.


From: djcrac2411/6/16 5:34 PM 
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I never thought about that, having an infection.  I will try and call the OS as soon as I can and see if I can get an appointment.


From: Nelly5911/13/16 11:02 AM 
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Hi Deb,

I've just come back to the forum after a couple of years absence.

I'm hoping you saw your dr by now and that all is well with your knee.




From: djcrac2411/13/16 6:23 PM 
To: Nelly59  (5 of 9) 
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Nelly, no I have not seen my OS yet.  Been on mandated overtime at work, I haven't even had time to call either.  I find it hard to think it would be an infection in my knee, do you think it's possible ??


From: Nelly5911/13/16 10:20 PM 
To: djcrac24  (6 of 9) 
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Honestly, no, I don't think it's an infection but rather that you've been working like a beast..!!

You've been experiencing this for at least 10 days now, since you wrote your post.

So, it would seem that if this was truly bothering you, you would have MADE the time to call your dr, at the very least.  

Do you have a lot of swelling in your knee?  Is is visibly swollen?  Does it feel hot to the touch?

How about when your well rested, does it feel better?



From: djcrac2411/15/16 10:41 AM 
To: Nelly59  (7 of 9) 
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Thank you for writing me back, Nelly59.  No,  it's not hot to the touch, not so much visable swelling either.  And yes, when I'm resting and get up the next morning my knee feels pretty good.   It's from all the standing on hard cement floors, even with a mat under my feet, and the long hours, sad to say.

We'll be on a small vacation soon, so that will help me so much, I think.  Your right if it really was bad/hurting I would have called by now.



From: Nelly5911/15/16 1:11 PM 
To: djcrac24  (8 of 9) 
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Hi Deb,

If it's any consoltion, ANY ONE would be in some pain standing on a concrete floor working long hours.

Your knee is your Achilles heel, so to speak, lol..!!  Everyone has some part of their body that is considered their Achilles heel so simply try to work less and rest more.  You've said that your overtime is mandated, nice to have extra cash for Christmas, but I'm wondering if you could ask your employer to ease up a bit in your case.

Yes, your upcoming vacation will help you get some much needed rest but in the interim, it wouldn't hurt to ask your employer if they could possibly ease up on your extra hours.

A bit of swelling is "normal", in my opinion, when you're overdoing it, but honestly, you are not taking proper care.  Listen to your body - you're knee is telling you, ease up a bit, girl..!! Take it as a warning sign, as you should.

Before my revision, I was working part time in a book store for fun as I retired quite early from my banking profession, and during the peak season for retail, November and December, I was working close to 60 hours a week.  During one shift, early December, l remember just breaking down and crying due to the pain in my knee, I could barely walk any longer, that's how stubborn I was.  It was a poured concrete floor covered by linoleum and my Fitbit registered over 12,000 steps per shift.  The young bloods were complaining of pain in their bodies and being over tired...I told them to be real, look at me, l'm working with a fake knee..!!

After my employer witnessed this incident, they realized they'd pushed me too hard.  Sad to say it was only then that they agreed to reduce my hours.  I hope you and your employer have the wisdom to not let it come to my breaking point.




From: Debs (debs53) DelphiPlus Member Icon11/17/16 2:19 PM 
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Hi Deb,   Before I got my replacement, I remember reading all your post about your surgery and updates.  My TKR was 4 years in Oct.   It is doing good, but there are times I do have some aching also.  Case in point is the past few days.   Part of it is that we've been watching our 3 grands and they have lots of stairs at their house, which we don't.   Also, a BIG winter storm is brewing.

So yes, I think all of that, weather, plus more activity, does definitely affect the knee.  With your back hurting, are you walking "straight"?  Or is your walking off and you're maybe putting a bit more stress on that side?

When was your last checkup with your doc?  It really might be a good idea to just go in and have it checked out.  If you're so busy at work right now, maybe doesn't have to be right away, but if the pain continues, then I'd definitely do it.

Don't know where you're going on vacation, but hopefully it's some place that you can kick back, put your feet up and have someone else take care of you for awhile!


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