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From: SnowyMoi211/23/16 3:05 AM 
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I have a left knee that is bone to bone and was told I need surgery once i lose weight. So kaiser has a class i joined for Jan.-April to help me with it. Now my right knee is following suite. :(   Can barely walk but still trying as much as I can. Been very hard but it's ok, not giving up. Trying to have a very positive attitude since I do have other medical problems to deal with also.  It is what it is , so I'm dealing with it.  Been looking at other post to see what others have to say about their surgeries.  The people I have talked with locally have been mostly positive so I am holding onto that and others who I have seen with positive out comes.     

Hoping and wishing you all the best. take care.   Any helpful post would be appreciated. I know it is going to be rough but I'm looking forward to being able to walk again. This is what I look forward to, my walk now is not all that good.  :)  Have a decent Thanksgiving.

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From: djcrac2411/24/16 10:53 AM 
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I had my right knee replaced March of 2012, the best thing I could have done.  I'm sure or I hope your OS has told you to do exercises to build up your strength in your "good" knee ( the one that will not be operated on.  You'll need that leg to help you get up off the toilet, the bed, chair, etc.  Also, build up muscles in your arms to help lift yourself.  If I can find it I'll send you some I did.  Thankful, that I did them before the surgery.  Also, find  a good Physical Therapist who has helped in the recovery of knee replacements.  I had a tough one, but a great one.  I don't walk with a limp, like some people do.  Always do what the PT tells you to do and what your OS tells you, too.

Yes, losing weight is a big help, for every 1 pound you lose is like 5 pounds off your knee.

This is such a good site that will help you with any question you may have.



From: djcrac2411/24/16 11:00 AM 
To: SnowyMoi2  (3 of 7) 
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I forgot to mention for you to look thru the messages for Knee Replacement at the top, go thru what people have asked.  Recipes for ice packs , which are easy to make, I made 3 for myself.



From: Joanne (jlgonzo) DelphiPlus Member Icon12/1/16 9:33 AM 
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You've made some very positive decisions, keep at it. When surgery is over, do your PT. Don't get crazy, but do it. ;0) Another bonus...and it really works... Lose any weight that you can. I lost my ;-) Keep a sense of humor.

That's bout all the advice I have to give at this point. Hang in there. Cry when you need to..but laugh more.

Keep in has been a treat reading your saga. Look at it this way...If I can make it, then anyone can! xoxo


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From: SnowyMoi212/2/16 3:02 AM 
To: Joanne (jlgonzo) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (5 of 7) 
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thank you for your post. :)    I am going to try and start to strengthen my better(haha) leg because i read  that is what you should do also before your surgery.  I have to stay positive and try to do that in everything i do because of things i have gone thru in my past, that was needed. So now i try to carry it to everything i do.. It is much easier in life i have found out to do it that way, or else i would be in a nut house. :)  soooo gotta stay positive no matter what... 

Next yr. (feb.) is when my weight management classes start at Kaiser Permante', so they are suppose to be helping me try to lose weight. I have tried almost everything but surgery and any expensive stuff. :)  on a budget.     I have to do this no matter what.. failing is not something i can do and be happy. hope it makes sense. :)       understand? i have to and need to be able to walk again.  I have six grandkids, two grown children and being able to walk again well, is a must for me.  So excercise and trying to lose weight, i must do in order to strengthen my better leg to help me to get better after surgery.. by then maybe it'll be time for the other leg. :)

oh well... such is life... oui? ;)  

later for now,



From: Joanne (jlgonzo) DelphiPlus Member Icon12/3/16 12:29 PM 
To: SnowyMoi2  (6 of 7) 
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Hang in there... a few thoughts.. #1--I found it to be frustrating as all hell to try to loose weight and not being able to move. All I know is exercise, good physical exercise is the only way I had lost weight in the past. (between 18-48). Mentalpause really screwed up with my program. The general malaise, the heinous weight gain..the whole nine yards. My Mom was fat, hence..I thought that 'this was normal'. BOY< WAS I OFF BASE. An easy way out, blame it on my genetic makeup(part of which is true)

So, I cut back on portions, developed portion control. Healthy Choice dinners worked best. Turkey is awesome when nuked properly. (buhahah). Soup (Progresso).. No cereal, non fat milk only.. fruit (4 a day...seasonal, no bananas), and the worst...just say NO to candy!!! (ARGH! -->here is where I die.. I love candy) I was at a trim weight for a 63 yo...5'8" 160 lbs. Felt good, but got tired easily. Lacking b vitimins, iron, and all the other good junk that good red meat or lean chicken can provide. So now I get a b injection. I do not qualify for iron I've gained 15 lbs. (over the past year) Vit. B stimulated my, over the past year I've gained 15 lbs. (sigh) Sucks to be me. ;-)

What it has boiled down to for me is movement. That is what I have always counted on in the past. I've always been active(except on the few occasions that I was laid up due to a horse throwing me, or other sort of injury). Movement is paramount to weight loss. If I cannot move, I fail to lose weight. I can maintain..but I starve my body in return. Not a good equation. PT has been helpful. My old injuries have created a massive amount of excess bone growth(spurs) in my spine & neck. My neck was fused about two years ago. I sleep with a c-spine brace every night. I had two failed back surgeries in the 80's. The S1 nerve root was nicked during the last back surgery '89, and I lost some very important nerve functions on my right side. My ability to walk is starting to become limited (I survived Sepsis 1 year ago).. So, my bod is well used, marginally destroyed..but it still works. It's the hand that puts food in my mouth. That is what needs to stop.

So, that is my story and I'm sticking to it.

Ooops, on the side-->two weeks ago, I was cleaning dog crates. Not an easy task. I vacuum the area, and the crate, then take a Swiffer mop to the crate(they are big crates)...well, the vacuum cleaner cord attacked my left leg! It (I) managed to wrap the damn thing around my calf..and was trying to maintain balance(HA!) with my bum right leg. Oh to be a fly on the wall, I was dancing with air, and bam, down I went...twisting my right knee. I had a visit with one of my regular docs, and she said to get a film of it, and see your orthopedic surgeon. HA! My ortho fired me(I guess my money isn't green enough or something) I'm in the process of acquiring a new ortho. Mean while, my GP ordered the film, and I got the results yesterday (duh--a week later).. yes, the hardware is still intact..lots of soft tissue damage, along with a neat subdermal hematoma(bruise). I just have to laugh. I twisted my's I care? no. I can still walk. I have my fentanyl patch, and Percocet to get me through the day. I've been doing the RICE(rest, ice, and I forget the rest). But, it is frustrating...I have fair pain relief with the chronic pain meds (my low back is fusing by itself--sucks and is very painful) So, my situation is more than knees. But I can say that without my tkr's I'd probably be dead, or in a wheel chair.

Keep going. Don't stop.. Control! You are in control of your food. No one else, just you.. (now I need to follow this rule as well) ;-)

Take care, keep me updated.. mmmkay? xoxo


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From: SnowyMoi212/3/16 5:18 PM 
To: Joanne (jlgonzo) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (7 of 7) 
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So glad you have a good sense of humor, as I do. That is how to get thru life especially if you have/had a hard life period. :)   This is how I have gone thru my 64 hard and crazy life. But hey, I'm still alive (with many head injuries and other health problems(on and on :)  )    ... You know what I mean? sure you do. :)

I try very hard to keep moving no matter what.  Just got my diabetics shoes cause of neuropohy(cant spell a lick) :)   so now my feet do not twist as I walk. thank God.  My ankles are pretty bad as well my knees and lower back. My left knee is blown out and the right is on its way.  But I have read that you have to strengthen your so call good leg in order to get well after knee surgery on the worse leg. So I am doing more excersice on stationary bike and other gym equipment at apt.gym room.

There is no  place to do water excercise cause of pool in town has problems and is being worked on til June of next year.  What a time.. :) 

I try to eat very little and yes, i have starved myself too much trying to lose weight but finding out now , that is not how to do it.. okkkkkk so now , with just getting 2 new caregivers, one doing most my food prep. , We are going to start learning how to prepare and find decent ways to make better things. I am not suppose to do those prepared dinners from store cause of what is in them. For myself i can not eat those things :(   ... I can't eat things already prepared, with carciniges in them(meats), boxed items.. all has to be fresh and no junk in them. :)  It is going to be hard but I have already started on some.   I am on a very limited budget but am checking things out.      So now it is all about a lot of reading.. I have already for about a year or so now, stopped most sweets :(    love chocolates ) , most salt (i do not add much at all) , i do cheat sometimes and eat out (and that has enough salt and junk in them to kill ya) ;)     , yes i do cheat cause if not i will go nuts with this all.. but a lot for MYSELF is do-able.  :(    I will be happier in the long run, I hope. ;)     .... thanks for responding to me. :)    Have a great day/night, which ever it is. 

enuff for now, efn,



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