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From: Lhartzog1/31/17 8:57 PM 
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I had my tkr surgery on Dec. 8 2016. I could not believe what a difference it made as early as 3 days post-op. I started physical therapy the day after surgery and still continue 3 days a week with exercises on my own everyday. I was back at work after 5 weeks. I'm happy with my progress with flex at 115 and full extension at 0. My only complaint is that nights are horrible. Still taking prescription meds at least twice a night and not sleeping longer than 2-3 hours at a time. It will get so stiff and throbs with pins and needles. Other than ice and message, does anyone have any advice?
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From: JeffK991/31/17 11:17 PM 
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Remember, you just had major surgery and while you were fortunate to return to work in 5 weeks a TKR usually takes at least 8 months to fully heal. Moderation is the key. Keep up the massages daily to stimulate blood flow. Your nerves were severed when your knee was opened and they will take time to heal. Four years after my RTKR I am still massaging the area. Ice packs help too. Give it some time. If the pain is intense or sharp, consult your OS. I was just cleared today for my LTKR next month. I cant wait!


From: djcrac242/1/17 11:18 AM 
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Hello !  Wondering if you have a sit down type job ??  If so, are you walking every hour or so ??  I was told by my PT that she had a woman put a skate board under her desk, and put her foot that had the knee replaced on it and moved it back and forth to help it get not so stiff.  Unfortuantely, I have a job where I stand, so that didn't help me much.  Maybe, do some of the excerises your PT has you doing at your breaks.  

It will take at least 1 year for a full recovery.  If I remember correctly, I elevated my leg at night and had pillows underneath my knee to help with the stabbing needle feelings along with the ice packs.  Maybe before bed ride a stationary bike a bit, we borrowed one from our neighbor.

Deb 3/2012 RTKR


From: Lhartzog2/1/17 7:33 PM 
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Thanks for responding, I am a orthodontic assistant. My duties require me to be up and down for the care of 12-15 patients a day. That enables me to move about and keep my knee loose through out the day with 2 ice packs a day. From the responses I'm receiving, I'm on the right track and have to be patient with my recovery! I guess time will tell.

From: pam1272/2/17 5:24 PM 
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My RTKR was in Sept2012. Sleep was a big problem for me too. I slept in a recliner for 8 weeks before I was comfortable enough to sleep in bed. At least in the chair, I would sleep for 3 hour stretches. I have never been a good sleeper but this felt rediculous. I tried some Melatonin and I had two ice leg wraps I got from Amazon and changed them through the night. It will get better. You sound like you are doing great. It is just a very long slow recovery. We think we are prepared to be patient but it is a challenge. That being said I am so glad I had it done. I will probably have my left one done this fall. Good luck to you and thank you for joining the Forum.


From: Joanne (jlgonzo) DelphiPlus Member Icon2/12/17 12:40 AM 
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Yup..   If you lay on your side, try a pillow between your knees.   Feel better....mmkay?



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