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Drug Overdoses   Knock Knock - Off Topic

Started Aug-1 by dennis (DENNIS4927); 212 views.

How bad is the addiction problem in you state. We have had a 147 deaths so far this year.  My high school years and my 20s were in the late 60s

and early 70s. We had a lot of drug use but you never heard of that many people dying from overdoses. I admit I did my fair share of getting high

but only on pot.


From: Cstar1


Interesting topic, Dennis. I actually have no idea.

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Ladt year we lef the nation in death caused ny overdosing. Haf over 700 deaths i think thats they said. Its is scary to think about it.


From: Cstar1


Any idea why such a high rate in New Hampshire?

Did Trump's comment about NH being a "drug-infested den" anger you?

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Nobody knows why we have so many but in 2016 we had more than California.

As far as Trump he could have been a little more tactful, But its the truth.

They OD they get revised with Narcan then they go out and do it all over again.

They want to try to get a bill passed that every time after the first you get a bill for it.

But how would they enforce it you can't let them die. 


From: Cstar1


dennis (DENNIS4927) said:

But how would they enforce it you can't let them die. 

I think that's exactly what some people would like to do. 

Arrest them, we do  the same for alcoholics that create chaos with unruly behavior and other anti-social actions.  At least put them in a shrink place for several days and document it publicly, maybe shame will work better than patching them up and trying to figure what their poor bruised self concept and ego results from.

NOT from a Social Worker.

Hard to get good numbers but the Google reports are alarming as you page through the county reports, south Florida is a hotbed with Sarasota, a wealthy county, being ridiculously higher than most of the state.  The Governor has declared a State of Emergency in this regard.