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Should birth control pills be sold over the counter?   The Consumer You: Marketplace

Started 2/12/18 by Cstar1; 4777 views.

From: RGoss99 


Since I am currently working two computrs, my primary with two programs,one n all caps, my secondaryduring down time, and on three dfferent internet ssites, t is quite possible the upper case key was own since I am using only one keyboard. Perhas the responder should not presume that I was shouting, and smply ask why I was using upper case, instead of assuming an unjustified opinion based on the language I was using.

I agree, that most U.S. pharmacies probably are not prepared to give this type of advice. Using my Cost-co and Thrifty Drugs store experience, the pharmacy is  small fraction of their business, many of who have only one licensed pharmacist of record, and usually an undertrained and low paid clerk to do what phramacists used to to. Here, when it comes to health matters, we are much more sophisticated. Tow examples. At the end of the counter is a little private "confessional" where the graduate pharmacist, often a the suggestion of a trained assistant, calls me over and says that we have a little problem. I note that the combination ofthe 4 meds you tanke, suggests a related problem regarding your weight and diet. I suggest you might want to read this brochure, and if you agree we can set you up with our dietician. I did, they did, and the result was a weekly 10 minute scheduled visit, where I got weighed, and pinched, goals were set, and a non "Jenny Craig" weekly menu suggested. Non of the products were connected to the pharmacy all available from local shop. The problem was being basicly lazy, it is more work to eat badly, then to eat sensible. So the added incentive was to stay on target, partially not tosee thedisapproving look from the dietitian. As a result my I have lost 10k in a controlled way, and have the same weight I had in 1965. The big problem was having a stroke in 2000, retiring, not being as athletic as before but with the same eating habits. Since everybody in the system is in the same data base, and I need 4 fferent medications to live, when I came in ith a new one, the computer automaticly flagged red, and my clerk went to get the pharmacist who returned with a print out in his hand. Essentially there was a negative side to the new cold perscription that resulted in the  warning. So the pharmacist, conteacted the physician, and explained the problem, and between them they worked out a solution. Th problem is not ignorance on the part of the pharmacy, but the fact that physicians, are so busy working day to day, that it is easy for the to get  out of date, but pharmicists, always on line with National Health are always state of the art. 

Besides the issue of bad national health in America, even with Obama care, is territoriality. Here specialists, pharmacists, physicians,and other prefessional areas are all on the same team, which is not the case in the U.S., and becomming less so, when profit making insurance and drug companies have another agenda.

Generally, the lines and boundaries that separate many professions in the U.S. are in different places here. In the U.S. when my parents family doctor retired, Iasked around where I lived an worked and got a new old school doctor. My employer had a good, by American standards, insurance program, but when taking their free recommended check up, my doctor did not like some number, and  recommended some exploration for cancer. Using the odds vs profits method, my insurance would not authorize. However because my doctor had clout, and a good knowledge of stats, used it to convince the bean counter that in the long run the exploratory would be financially beneficial. So he explored, discovered cancer, and recommended an operation. Again answer was know, again he resisted until they said yes. There excuse was that the canceer was so slow moving that at my age  would probably (their stats) die of something else before cancer would be an issue. Cancer removed, no problems since. Except if one thinks of one´s prostrate as an orange, the cancer was already next to the inside of the peel, so their timing was off. At that time accoriing to stats, I would be dead by the time I was 74, meaning that the cancer would have kicked in before then. However I am not 78, and no cancer. The anti Obama care bunch uses scare tactics with code words such as deathcommitteees, ignoring the fact that these already exist under private control, and thousands of Americans have been denied proper treatment based on inaccurate statistical cost-value formulae managed by accountants, not medical professionals. Unfortunately that family doctorretiredand was replace by his equally competent sn. The problem was that two years later he was in a horibble

car accident, and had to quit the prfession,which ws sold to a corpration, where I seldom saw the same doctor twicin a row, America did not have the online system we have in Spain, so n the shuffe, I now m getting buy on one kidney,through a medical snafu, for which there is no identifyable person responsible.

One more exmple, one monday I had diaharia, but I have been raised to suffer rather then seek medicalhealth as per the American system, but three days later, having lost 3k, I dicidd I had a problem. Checked the net, and discovered that I had been poisoned, and figured out the cause, I raise my own veg, and did not wash my lettuce properly and ingested snail poison. ed the label on the box, called a number abot 800k away, and roblem verified saying I should go to the hospital emergency room, 30k away. I said, OK, but the poisn company said that I should not driv, but that is OK, we have already notified the hospital, and there is am ambulance on the way, just pack a bag, and a book and be waiting on your front step, at [verifying address, which I had not even gien]

Ambulnce arrived, and the attendent scanned my national identity card, and talked to me all the way, putting things in his computer. At the hospital, there was no typical American admisstance procedure, I was asked a few more questions, given shots stommach pumped, and woke up in a two patient hospital room the next mornign, all wired up. At 09:00 a doctor came in to talk to me, filled me insying they would keep me too days, until my digestive and bowel system were properly funtioning. egular visits from staff doing charting and talking to me, at breakfast on the last day,  he docgtor asked if I knew Mr x [yes] well his mother is here and he visits every day, so we have asked him to give you a ride home, and here is what you will need from our pharmacy. All very dfficient, positive, friendly and free. I also had a piest andd several people from my village drop in for a chat. As an aside, I am still covered for liffe with my retirement surance from the U.S. the problem is thatunder my insurance here there is no co-poyment. One med that I have been taking since 1975, has a5$ co payment per monthly perscription. but here the over the counter price is only about $2.50 if I had no insurnce.




re: uppercase    lol  I'm going to respond that one should familiarize oneself with the etiquette of the medium one is using. Shouting was the assumption most    would make who use the internet frequently on discussion boards and the like.


Health care in Spain sounds good. I have doubts it will ever be that way here.

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From: RGoss99 


regarding your second comment, America is very conservative in many ways. I learned the metric system in American schools, because it was necessary for physics casses. I learned the 24 hour clock in the U.S. military. What is interesting here, is that everything one sees written here is in the 24 hour system, but people without even blinking look at 13:30 and say 1:30 the difference between a.m. and p.m. is so obvious no need o spell it out,. In cooking, I have to have a slide rule because recipes here are all metric, or in the old premetric system, where 12 pulges = 1 peu, and 3 peus = 1 vara easy to translate in to English, however a vara is somewhere between a yard and a meter in lenght, which makes peus and and pulges shorter then feet and inches.  and prenapoleonic measures of volume to do not realte to either metric or English. So that is two cooking problems, the second related to English and American, is that an American gallon is 20% smaller then an English one, which creates a problem with quarts, pints, and cups. One of the biggest handicaps in marketing American cars here is that while dealerships such as Chrystler have two sets o tools - I had a jeep) most work is done by freelance mechanics who don´t bother to get American tools.

Your comment regarding "frequently on discussion boards" is an example of American chauvinism. because even though American technology dominates computer related things, it does not when it comes to examples as you mention, for example upper case, I have never seen here related to angry, simply single words for emphasis.  Some American icons have crossed over, but most of the other non alphabetic symbols used on American boards are unknown to the majority of French, Italian, and Spanish that I deal with. Most of my Cyrilic using friends, post all in upper case, so your point would be lost on them. I get in troube here when communicating in English with non English speakers, with such things as OT, BTW, and many other common acronyms where SIDA = AIDS, OTAN=NATO, EU=Europe, but EEUU=USA. Early on I got cautht with an American importation. I swim a k every day, but when it starts getting clod before our pool got a roof, I was often the only one in the pool, so the lifeguard did not even bother changing into her suit. One day I asked what one would yell if they were drowning, expecting a translation of help. But I was wrong, she we say |SAUCE| I said what does that actually mean, she said, "help". That night at the bar, I raised the question, and got laughed at. The !word" comes from the international acronym SOS, which is on those little boxes when you have car trouble on the motor way. It is now so general, that one finds it on trains, ubways, and even on boxes in the national parks. Most have no concept as to where it came from. Also in usage, about half of the non alphabtical keys on keyboards here, that are the same in America, would be considered bad usage, here if used as we were taught in American schools. Every year we produce an opera, combining our philharmonic, choir, dance, and acting groups. One year we did "Pirates" by G&S. I did the translation, that worked but I had nothing to do with the production. English has shifted since Victoria´s time, so I translated it into modern Catalá, the problom is it never occured to me, or anyone else to translate the body language, The result supprised my Victorian assumptions, but the result was actually more authentic, even though the costumes were victorian. A few years back, I did the plays "Midsummer Night´s Dream" which is actually from this part of the world as a story, and Romeo and Juliet" wichich is also closer to us, being Italian, but if my Catalá translation was retranslated in to English both plays woul probably be banned as too sexual for American high school students. If you want to check this out, try reading the lines of "nurse" in R&J with an open mind, thinking in modern terms.




Interesting all around. Ummm do the cars work after wrong tools are used?


From: RGoss99 


No, because the metric size tolos, can´t be used to repair them, or when they can be used they often strip the threads, or ruin the top of the English ones. To give you

a practical example. You purchase an American car, and in the boot/trunk is a four armed devise for removing the lug nuts on your Wheel when you get a flat.

The you bring the car over here, and some how lose this tool, so you purchase the equivalent, in this case the four arms are designed for metric.

As a result they don´t work if they are too small for the English lug nuts, or if they do fit, they are too large, so when you put pressure to remove the lug

you either slip because the grip is too loose, or if they do work, eventually they round of the corners of the lug nut, so eventually what started as say

an 8 sided poligon, ends up more like a circle, so you eventually get no grip.

You have probably had the same problema with a screw driver that does not fit the head of the screw, either the screw driver blade loses its shape, or the

head of the screw gets rounded off. Example I have a mounted light on my bathroom Wall, it is covered with a glass plate secured with a metal grill which

is held in place with screws that instead of a slot, have a cross head. It is posible to use a standard screwdriver at an angle to remove them, but the eventuall

result is a stripped cross on the head, or damage to the blade of the screw driver.

OT but related. I got one of my degrees at a Scottish university, just after the Brits chucked the English system and went metric. My department was new and

its building was the first metric building in Scotland. But there was a problema in that the materials, wood, bricks, window glass, etc. were all to English measures.

For example, in America a standard size Wood for a non supporting interior Wall is a 2x4, but if one plans a building on this basis, things won´t match. On standard for

windo glass is a quarter inch, which means in a metric frame, there is an air leak. because of the difference.

Joke, but actual. Everybody in America knows that one purchases eggs as a dozen or half dozen, so a carton of eggs, say costs $1.35.

So if someone asks what does an egg cost, the answer is 1.35/12 = 0.1125. But while American chickens lay their eggs in dozens, Fren ch

chickens are decimal and lay their eggs in 10s. So in France if  a carton of eggs costs 1.35€, the calculation for one egg is easier 0.135.

As an English speaker, raised English, I have evolved some quick translations. Example speed limit is translated by multiplying by 2 and dividing by 3.

which is what Americans have to do if they don´t want to get a ticket in Mexico. The speed limit sign says 100, so 2x100/3 = 66..7, so when driving and

your English speedometer says 65 you are in good shape. Insidently, this can be a shock for the first visit south for an American. Going the other way

in California, on the freeways for the first few miles, they put the speed limit in both MPH and KPH. (to get the Mexicans to drive faster ...)

Another problema is bedding because we have standard sheets for twin, doublé, queen size, but being metric a European single is narrower and longer.

As a result in Europe there is pleanty of sheet to tuck in on the sides, but it comes untucked at the bottom. Going the other way while the foot of the

bed is OK, the sheets always get untucked on the sides, and if you have fitted sheets, they are so tight, they curve the mattress so one is sleeping in a "U" haped


Other change in standard not an American problema but a Brisih one. in the old days, one used to hang one´s arm out the window to signal for a turn,

now of course we have a turn indicator, which is operated by the same hand we used to use to signal. so in America the endicator is on the left, and in

the U.K. it is on the right, so if an American or European driving an English car in England and one wants to turn one ends up moving the lever for the

windscreen wipers, or the reverse, if it starts to rain, instead of getting the wipers, one signals for a turn. We are very Green here and have lots of bike

lanes. Big problema during tourist season with Brits renting bikes, i come around a corner and meet a brit head on, driving in the wrong bike lane.

In our pedestrian precincts, Brits impede foot traffic, bcause most people pass left shoulder to left shoulder, but Brits tend to pass the other way disrupting

foot traffic.


From: Cstar1 


ANNMTM said:

as Cstar suggested

I think that was someone else. :)


From: Bike (URALTOURIST1) 


Most late model American cars are a mix of metric and English measures, wheel lugs are quite often metric these days, batteries are usally installed using 10mm terminal bolts, etc.  I once had a car with mixed sizes on the SAME BOLT, very confusing, metric threads and inch head, it was an English made Lotus car with a French Renault made transmission, the bolts holding the transmission halves together were 6mm threads and 7/16" bolt heads, weird is a good word.

ANY competent mechanic working on modern cars or equipment in general had better have a selection of BOTH types in common tools.  Gotta watch those metric screwdrivers and pliers!


An odd PS:  Danish carpentry inches are bigger than English carpenter inches, guess King Olaf had bigger knuckles?  Danish inch is about 1.050 English inches.





My bad, it was Showtalk. I'll edit my post.


From: RGoss99 


Of course that works in the city, but the context is different here. First we have good public ransport, so there are less private cars per peerson. Bt the ratio of motor vecle per person is higher then in the countryside then n th city. In my villag, about every house hold has a part time farmer, but unlike America we have no excuse for one thanks giving day, because harvesting of something is happening yeaar around. In between planting and harvesting, thereis nothing for a farmer to do but watch the plants grow, so every "farmer" has another jb As aa result most auto repair is done in a garage attached to a house, that at most has two vehicles. Because of a prejudice against American vehicles, John Deere beingan exception, there is little incentive for an essentiall part time mechanic, to haave ny more tools then he inherited from his father.

Another problemwith American cars is ifferent standards. So whenI first arred with Jeep, to get i licensed and insured, I had to pay to have the head and tail lites changed. When a huge bird crashed into my windshield, even though we had a Christler shop n the city, they had to send to Germany to get a windshield that fit. Meanwhile my car was road illegal until it aarrived, took 2 weeks, because that was when a volcano on Iceland blew up, putting so much dust in the air, that airfraight got backlogged. 


From: kizmet1 


No. They contain female hormones. Hormones have a lot of side effects,among them systemic candida (yeast infection from head to toe) and liver problems. Most medical schools give very little education in side effects or how to get rid of them.
A complete physical should be mandatory for the first time.
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