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Who should be the Democratic Party nominee in 2020?   The Serious You: Politics

Started 9/9/19 by Showtalk; 1450 views.

From: Showtalk 


Those are still just opinions, even if they believe they are right.


From: YWN666 


Showtalk said:

It was about hatred and trying to harm anyone who supports a different side.

I am not hating anyone just for supporting a different side.  I respect different opinions but as someone once said, you can have your own opinions but you can't have your own facts.  Trump has gone FAR beyond playing political games.  He is a criminal that is doing damage to our country and he is being assisted by his GOP colleagues who are standing back and doing nothing when they should be stopping him.


From: Showtalk 


People do have blind hatred for anyone who opposes them politically.  You don’t but I have seen it offline.  I’ve been in groups where the fighting over ideas is so bad, they can’t continue their purpose.  There is a lot of real anger offline.  I saw two people in a very heated discussion about racism, when I could see both were somewhat right.  Neither refused to listen to the other side, even a little.

The situation with Trump is sometimes muddy.  Each side is convinced they have the right facts.  I’m not going to get into too much detail, because it’s not my fight, but take the conversation with Ukraine.  I read the exact transcript of Trump’s phone call and didn’t see anything in the transcript that came close to what he is being accused of. Then I happened to see a video of the Biden clip about getting the Ukrainian fired and he actually did say what he was accused of saying.  Yet, the media says Trump was wrong and says nothing about Biden.  That is a case where all the facts are out there, but you have to dig to find them.  And most Biden supporters don’t want to.  To me, it isn’t something to fight over, it’s something sit back and wait for the next piece of information.