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Park confrontation    The Newsy You: News of Today

Started May-26 by Showtalk; 2485 views.

From: Showtalk


She was extreme.  Now we have seen a real Karen in action.

Jeri (azpaints) said:

Oh, she won't necessarily learn better behavior; she may edge into a "deserve revenge" mode.

Yeah, those kind often do. Trying to find another story like this where Karen absolutely would not back down and accept she was wrong, even when a judge told her so - -went to jail a couple of times for contempt of court, then violated a couple of protective orders, got caught on camera committing a couple of felonies (criminal mischief, automobile burglary, federal mail tampering), and finally went to prison.

But of course such complete off the rails escalations are fortunately rare, which is why they make headlines and of course stories go viral online. It's the next generation version of watching Judge Judy, or for the more over the top performances, Jerry Springer or Maury Povich. (sadly I know who they are from hauling someone to numerous doctor appointments over the past couple of decades, when they had a TV on in the waiting room in the middle of the day).


From: Showtalk


We can have compassion for people and still not want to be on the receiving end of their behavior.  I was out with friends in a patio cafe last year when a homeless woman came over and demanded on give up her coffee and another give you a pastry.  She wanted their food, not money or fresh food.  She was very angry and shaking her fist.  Then she said a woman was racist. The poor woman is 96 1/2 and just wanted to eat her breakfast in peace.  So I stood up and pointed inside the coffee place and told her they might give free food to her if she goes in and asks.  I wasn’t sure but sometimes those places have a small store of freebies they don’t advertise for situations like that, as long as they aren't overrun.  It’s an area that has very few homeless people on the streets because they have a good shelter system and they sweep them up and send them to the shelters. Then I left and went to the market next door. I told a friend who works there about the interaction and was told they must call the police if there is a chance someone might get violent.  I didn’t see violence there, but I could have been mistaken.

Yep. That one is a good contender for "most extreme Karen of the week".

Showtalk said:

We can have compassion for people and still not want to be on the receiving end of their behavior.

Precisely. I tend to be rather avoidant by nature anyway, precisely because some of those people can be incredibly aggressive and intrusive.

One of the stunts they do out here is they will use a vehicle and an empty gas can as a prop, and beg for gas money to get home, or to a job interview. The cover story morphs as time goes by, and often they don't realize that I remember seeing them a month ago, while I was in a different car or truck, and saw the exact same situation.

It's one thing when someone is truly in a bad situation. It's another when they are in the *exact* same situation in the *exact* same location. Then you know they're just running a scam that tugs on people's heart strings.

What is doubly sad with these is, when someone genuinely is in trouble and needs help, a lot of people assume that it's just another scam like one they've seen before. The signal to noise ratio is degraded to the point that real 3rd World levels of suffering happen sometimes right under people's noses precisely because they are burned out by the professional panhandlers.

Another example I saw - there was this maybe 30-something woman, looked rather disheveled, who was coming up on foot to people at the gas pump, claiming she had just fled her abusive husband and needed a ride somewhere.

Well, 2 weeks to the day later - same woman - exact same story. She didn't recognize me because I was in a different car, clearly did not remember the call I'd made to an organization 2 weeks before on her behalf in case the situation had been genuine.

Jeri (azpaints)

From: Jeri (azpaints)


Remember the kid that drove drunk and killed 4 (??) kids.  His mom dyed his hair and took him to Mexico so he didn't have to go to jail?  That had to be the king of the Karen's!


From: Showtalk


I’ve see that too. Or holding signs saying they will work for food. A pregnant woman was adjusting the pillow under her shirt.  Kind of obvious she wasn’t pregnant.

Yep, king of the Karens. Or that would be queen technically?

Yeah - I have seen that too.

Then there was this lady who really had one leg. Was holding a sign about needing money and food - "On my last leg".

I have seen her at several different intersections in Midland and Odessa off and on for the past 5 years or more.


From: Showtalk


It’s hard to forget someine who makes a strong impression.

What is going on with the rioters burning all their local businesses?  Where are they going to shop now?