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Park confrontation    The Newsy You: News of Today

Started 5/26/20 by Showtalk; 4396 views.

That's an idea. I was thinking of a series of maybe 5 or 6 variants to rotate, maybe one with an emphasis on hand washing, another focused specifically on distancing maybe with a strongly backlit scene of someone coughing or sneezing and showing all the droplets going a considerable distance when unmasked, versus when masked.

Well, I've just read a few things like that from the 1970s way back in school. We had to write a couple of short scripts in English Lit in I think 6th grade or so to introduce us to the concept but I've never actually followed through with one, or ever been where the real thing was actually done.

Guess I figured the odds were better of being struck by lightning and winning the lottery on the same day than getting anything to gain traction, and focused my energy elsewhere. But - these days with such stuff as YouTube, it would certainly be possible to recruit some acquaintances to do the part - especially 2 or 3 who actually have a CDL and thus we could do a quick scene with an actual 18 wheeler in, say, an oil field pipe yard or something, and use an improvised green screen to chroma key in other backgrounds since there's open source (or freeware) tools that are capable of doing this.

So maybe, write and shoot the whole thing in a weekend, have about 20x more footage and out-takes than would go into the final version, and just use different bits to make a series of them.

And then find someone willing to be the stalking horse to post them on YouTube, maybe someone with access to TikTok, and see if they go viral?

Well it's not the first time I've ridden that horse. It is nice and cool here today.


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You would have no trouble finding actors.


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Cool to you is probably 80:degrees.

Showtalk said:

You would have no trouble finding actors.

Although finding funding to me is something I have about the same level of expertise at, as the average 17th century farmer would have about computers.

Cool is probably anything below about 80 as long as the humidity is down in the low teens to single digits. There are dew point vs ambient temperature vs humidity charts out there, and there's a math formula one can use to convert dew point / temperature pairs into relative humidity.

But essentially if it's very dry, one can tolerate a lot more heat because sweat evaporates very efficiently, while heat plus humidity is also what leads to the heat index.

Right now I'm pretty comfortable with it around 76 F in the building and low enough humidity I need to wear an anti-static wrist strap to safely dissipate static electricity when handling electronics.


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Spec commercials don’t pay actors so costs are low, then shop it around.