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Park confrontation    The Newsy You: News of Today

Started 5/26/20 by Showtalk; 2988 views.

From: Showtalk


It could be a combination of local frustration and outside agitation.  Combined with being locked inside for months, people are itching to get out.  Although, none of these protestors or rioters are distancing. Wearing a mask is not distancing. So why aren’t any of them worried about COVID?

Showtalk said:

It could be a combination of local frustration and outside agitation. Combined with being locked inside for months, people are itching to get out. Although, none of these protestors or rioters are distancing. Wearing a mask is not distancing. So why aren’t any of them worried about COVID?

Those too. All of those ingredients put a lot of people near the flashpoint, and all that is needed is a triggering event to set it off, and then it just feeds on itself.

A few people see this as cover to "go have fun" which means to just break things and watch the pretty flames, and let their inner sociopath off its leash to run amok. Those are the kind who will burn and smash and destroy stuff just for the lulz of taking out whatever anger they have on other people's property.

And then there's those who see it as a chance to finally "get back at the man" and take what they believe should have been theirs except for their failing to win life's lottery.

And all combined, much like when a wildfire gets well established, it "makes its own weather". Witness "fire tornadoes" as a meteorology or chemistry / physics analogy to how a riot erupts.

Then social media makes it possible for riot mob mentality to spread to places, much like wind blown embers, far beyond where it could have in the pre-telecommunication days. So a situation that maybe in 1830 would have burned itself out in a single night, and we wouldn't even know about it for maybe 3 more months, can spread globally in a matter of hours.


From: Showtalk


Someone who lives in a hot zone said the locals are out during the day and are relatively peaceful and curious, and many are angry. The real damage happens at night. Even Progressive San Francisco brought in National Guard and tear gas, and set up an 8 pm curfew.  Since it gets dark around 8, there can be no night activity.

Jeri (azpaints)

From: Jeri (azpaints)


Our local news caster said when he got to Scottsdale!!!  Fashion Mall the first thing he saw was two men, civilians, carrying AR 15 type guns with handguns in their hips.  He said in 20 yrs of covering protests last night had an entirely different feel.  The protesters - rioters - were targeting high end stores in the mall and breaking windows and then looting the stores.  Scottsdale Fashion Mall is Scottsdale s Rodeo drive, one $ level down, very pricey, very "in".  This is the newscaster whose crew ate was attacked and beaten.

IMHO, this has nothing to do with Floyd's death and was an excuse to loot.  Stores were set afire.  The damage shown was horrible.



From: Showtalk


Organized theft.  Are they arresting people?  Rodeo Drive was attacked yesterday.  That was not random.  I doubt many Beverly Hills residents are rioting and stealing from their own city.

I just told someone I know again, about how when I was a kid, I had all the major cities on a huge aviation map of the entire Continental US that completely covered my bedroom wall from floor to ceiling and side to side. That map was my bedroom wallpaper when I was about 12 years old or so.

I had red, orange, and yellow circles surrounding all the major cities drawn on the map, based on 20 megaton warhead survivability info from Civil Defense literature. Then there were plumes of likely fallout drawn more than 1,500 miles or so downwind to indicate where one would likely end up glowing in the dark once prevailing wind delivered the radioactive dust.

Now almost 50 years later, I have seen time and time again events that pretty much validated my original childhood belief that large major metropolitan areas, really are no-go zones. They might be quiet and safe to occasionally visit, but they are like going into the crater of an active volcano between eruptions. (cue up footage of the disaster on New Zealand's White Island)  (cue up footage of vulcanologists caught in a steam eruption in Mt St Helens crater almost 40 years after its devastating blast).

Cities seem to just periodically erupt, and the unrest usually doesn't metastasize out into the more sparsely populated parts of Flyover Country.

A few minutes ago I walked after dark down to the mailboxes and back, thankful that I don't live in one of those kind of places.

Saw one article about an 18 wheeler coming over a bridge and suddenly there's thousands of protestors milling around on all 10 lanes of Interstate 35, obstructing the flow of traffic and deliveries of vital goods. the crowd surrounded the truck and did a Reginald Denny on him.

Some others were run over in another city when the mob surrounded a delivery truck aomeone climbed up onto the passenger side running board and pointed a gun at the driver. He ducked, and just floored it out of there. Confrontation with deadly force justifies use of deadly force to get out of the situation.

Some one delta ten tango types still haven't learned - don't threaten someone's life in a car or truck - 3 to 6 tons of metal is going to win if you try and block it in.

Actually that question has come up in survivalist circles, especially after the Rodney King riots. The consensus was, if they are armed, if any of them fires a shot, you floor it and mow them down and keep going.

In reply toRe: msg 41

a couple of updates.

Googled Reginald Denny, and the first hit, ahead of the Wikipedia page, was this:


This past April marked 28 years since Reginald Denny was pulled from the cab of his truck and beaten nearly to death during the 1992 Los Angeles protests and riots.

The disturbing footage serves as a reminder for truck drivers to take necessary precautions before entering any areas where the potential for violence is high.


I know some truckers. Many are just saying that there are plenty of loads into non-rioting cities. They are refusing loads going into cities that have had riots, and many are outright saying they will not take a load there even if they have to change jobs.

Then there's this:



When I see the angry mob, I immediately call 911. I don’t say on the recorded 911 call: “Well, ah, there are some people, and they’re walking toward me.” I know to articulate fear in a verbal manner. “911, What is your emergency?” “Help! There’s an angry mob trying to hurt me, my pregnant wife, and 10-year-old son. I’m worried we’re going to die.”

In thousands of 911 calls I’ve heard and litigated, I’ve never thought a person expressing intense fear was lying. ... Whatever direction will take us away from trouble is the path I seek. I’d be doing this while on the phone asking for police assistance. ...  I’m responsible for the safety of others. Let’s say I’ve caused damage to the vehicle in front of me by utilizing the push bumper to safely get my wife and son away from danger. I call 911 and report what I did. There’s such a thing as the necessity defense. It’s legally grounded in the “Reasonable Person Standard,” meaning: Would a reasonable person feel the need to push the vehicle in front of him to avoid any angry mob? It’s not whether I feel the danger, subjectively, but rather, would another reasonable person do the same. ...

... If I must drive on a sidewalk: Well, I say better to be judged by 12 rather than carried by six. I’ll apply all force and fury to protect my family. Remember, legally speaking, a mob is comprised of individuals, and I will be held responsible for any injuries or damage to innocent people who are merely present. I can’t drive blindly through the mob, running people over. You must maneuver away from danger, utilizing the bare minimum damage and injury to others. ...

and lots more information in that one rather long article.


From: kizmet1


Re: rioters from out of town.
Sundays rioting in Portland started with iver 1,000 people meeting in an eastside park and walking in the street to the river, crossing the bridge and rioting. Media said it was worse than Friday. Media also noticed a lot of cars with WA license plates dropping people off at park.
On Friday high end stores like MSFT and Apple were broken into and robbed. The city owned Justice center was set on fire Friday. On Sunday the Federal Bldg was hit. Fires started. Small, family owned ethnic restaurants were still cleaning up after Friday and hit again. Many think Antifa is responsible. The crowd looked like a mixture of races and even women.
I am about 15-20 miles from heart of Portland in a strictly residential area with no police. I know from experience cops will not come. My mayor is Black but I don't know if that would stop people who want to riot and destroy homes. I have been leaving every 2 weeks for food but don't know how safe it will be this week.

From: Showtalk


They don’t really have a choice unless they plan to sit there and get shot.  Cities need to get this under control.